Black Diamond

Black Diamond

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A Diamond is indeed a woman’s best friend. But a Black Diamond is every hearts’ desire. It grabs every wandering eye in the room for its distinctive, solitary, and divine color shade. Its occurrence is as rare as its mention in everyday talks. These unique stones are also fondly known as Carbonados – a term coined by the early Portuguese. As much as it is a customary sight to see colorless diamonds everywhere, black diamonds are in essence made of the same mineral as that of other diamonds, but with a different color. And the sole reason for this is the presence of higher levels of carbon in them. 


Diamonds, by the ancient Greek and Roman cultures, were considered to be the teardrops of God and hence believed to be immensely holy and prestigious. On similar lines, Egyptians correlated Diamonds with the mighty Sun God and symbolic of power, wealth, fame, and courage. If early Indians are to be believed, Black Diamonds worked as evil-eye protectors and also served as a medium to communicate with the other spiritual world. There are many interesting stories too in mythology that support these theories. 


Like all other diamonds, Black Diamonds too are carbon structures that take years to form deep under the crust of the earth. The only exception being high levels of carbon content. In fact, these stones have a distinct composition. They are derived from impure forms of diamonds comprising majorly of amorphous carbon, graphite, and diamond. One peculiar feature of these black diamonds is that they are found where there are traces of water nearby. Some geologists also attribute the dark black color to the manner of light traversing through the diamond stone. Yet another fascinating theory about Black Diamonds is that they are believed to have fallen on earth in a meteoritic explosion some million years ago. And that is why their reserves are found only across Brazil and Central Africa. Additionally, these stones are harder than regular diamonds and therefore have to be cut very tactfully. Other than naturally found black diamonds, there also a category of lab-grown black diamonds. 


Owing to its rare occurrence and even rarer color, there are numerous beliefs attached to black diamond stones. For centuries now, their grace and style are trusted to have healing and wellness properties for the wearer. Black Diamonds are emblematic of power, compassion, and toughness. Consequently, it is slowly becoming one of the most sought-after engagement ring stones after colored diamonds. They also bring about positivity, vigor, and vitality in both the personal and professional life of the user. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people who hold strategically important positions, ones looking out for fame, and those desirous of bringing out stability in their relationships. Lately, Black Diamonds have also seen potential usage in crystal and healing therapy. The dark color soothes the burning soul, takes control of negative feelings, and restores optimism and hope in life. 



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