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By Style


Fine Jewelry

When it comes to women’s shopping, like clothes, jewelry is yet another important segment for women where there are countless categories and styles. Shopping under Chordia Jewels is pretty easy, organized, and beautiful as one can easily use the filters to categorize as per their style. The major categories that Women’s Jewelry cater to are finger Rings, Earrings, Bracelet and Pendant Necklace.

Unique Rings

The ring is not just a jewelry piece, it is also a way to showcase eternal love. When we think about the finger ring, the first thought that comes to mind is the engagement ring. However, Chordia Jewels cater to a vast collection of rings like Eternity, Gemstone, Cocktail, Birthstone, Diamond, Solitaire Ring, Stack, Charm Ring among many others.

Elegant Earrings

Earrings are the little accessory treasured by a woman across the globe for ages and this jewelry instantly adds extra sparkle to the look and outfit. With the multiple variations in style, some of the famous Earring Designs are Halo, Dangling, Stud, Hoops, Chandelier, Drops, Mismatched, etc. You can now filter style across all categories to shop as per your requirement, taste, and budget.

Lustrous Pendant

Pendant Necklaces are one of the prime pieces of jewelry for every woman. This little dangling accessory around the neck helps to give a new sense of style while one can show off their luxurious side. With the multiple variations by designers, whether it is a Gemstone, Name/Alphabet, Halo, Statement, Diamond-Studded, and Teardrop, choosing the desired pendant on Chordia Jewels is easy, a click of a second, and satisfying with the help of style category.

Signature Shopping Experience With Us:

  • Effortless seamless shopping experience
  • Promoting single or bulk orders
  • No minimum cap on the bill
  • Secured packaging
  • Fast check-out
  • 15-days free easy return
  • IGI certified jewelry



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