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November Birthstone – Citrine

Citrine Stone belongs to the Quartz family, and is a Semi-Precious Gemstone that occurs in light buttery yellow to the deeper tone of gold with a tinge of brown to it. Known to be the seconds to Yellow Sapphire, this gemstone blends well with other precious stones to create a stunning jewelry piece. Its yellow color is thought to be attributed to the planet that governs this Gemstone- none other than the fierce Sun. 

Citrine Birthstone: Astrological Purpose

Derived from the French word “Citron” which stands for lemon, citrine during the ancient times was given to safeguard people from the poison of the snake as well as evil eyes. Inherited with spiritual powers, citrine is known to drive away all negativities and insanity from the mind of the wearer.
Popularly known as “A Merchant’s Stone” – Citrine Gemstone ensures that the business flourish by leaps and bounds. Astrologers advise businessmen to keep this semi-precious gemstone in their wallets to control expenses and in their cash counters to double up the earnings.

Healing Properties of Citrine Gemstone 

  • Since citrine belongs to the Solar rete, it boosts the stamina and energy in the wearer.
  • Citrine is known to promote material happiness, pregnant women especially wear it to protect themselves against unwanted energies.
  • Citrine Birthstone makes an excellent healing stone for diseases associated with the liver, immunity, urinary system, kidneys, and heart.
  • It detoxifies the body and aids better sleep patterns in the wearer.

Citrine Birthstone Jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Pendant Necklace

Citrine is most often worn in a Finger Ring or a Pendant Set in gold metal to capture its sunshine look. Many prefer wearing Citrine Earrings especially to work because its warm color creates a subtle yet attractive style statement. Because of its neutral gold shades, it is one Citrine Gemstone that helps you achieve a blends-well-with-anything look. You can choose November birthstone eternity necklaces that should look and stay attractive as time goes by and are ensured to be a welcome addition to any woman's Jewelry collection. 
A lot of us confuse topaz with citrine, thanks to the color similarity, if you are looking to recreate a beautiful jewelry piece at a much lesser cost, then replacing topaz with citrine is a clever alternative. 



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