Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian opal is a precious gemstone which is found very recently in northern Ethiopia. These gemstones have a wonderful play of colours and varied patterns. The fact is opals are not considered minerals or stones. They are formed when the seasonal rains from many centuries leach the silica particles from the sandstone. These particles are carried deeper into the underground fissures and cavities. After the deposited materials are dried the silica spheres are formed into a closely packed lattice. When light enters this microstructure, it creates a rainbow of many colours. These are also known as flashy gems. 

Origin of Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal is mined in a place called Yita Ridge in Ethiopia. These gemstones are formed in the layers of ancient volcanic ash. The other sources of these opals are in a place called Shewa Province, Addis Ababa and Wollo Province.

Hues of Ethiopian Opal

The colour of Ethiopian opal is chocolate brown colour. The different hues also range from light brown colour to deep chocolate brown colour. Sometimes it also displays a snakeskin pattern. It also displays a spectrum of colours.

Types of Ethiopian Opals

The Opals are classified into five types. They are as follows-

  • White Opal-These opals are mainly translucent and show up colours when they are placed against light grey colour in the background. They appear white in the uncut gem specimen.

  • Black opal- These opals are found in the variation of translucent to opaque colour play when placed against a dark background or a black colour. They are more attractive than the white opals as the colour contrast in black opal is greater than the white opal.

  • Boulder opal- These are mainly translucent or are opaque. These are found in the play of colours when placed against lighter to a dark background. The surrounding rock fragments which are also known as the matrix are part of this gemstone.

  • Fire opal-These opals range from transparent to opaque along with red, orange, brown or yellow bodycolour. This opal is also called Mexican opal as it doesn’t show any play of colour.

  • Crystal opal- These opals are mainly transparent and semitransparent when placed in a clear background. This opal shows an exceptional play of colour. 

Benefits of Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal is filled with amazing healing properties. It offers a lot of benefits to the wearer. Some of them are-

  • These gemstones are known to strengthen the will of the wearer, to live life to the fullest, admiring the beauty of life.

  • It can heal a person suffering from mental health issues and depression.

  • It is useful to regulate the metabolism enabling a person to lose weight.

  • It fills a person with positive feelings by removing pain and illness from their bodies.

  • It also helps combat pain and heals all kinds of issues related to the spine and neck.

  • It is believed to heal the kidneys and intestines.

  • These stones help in energizing the body giving a warm feeling.

  • It also helps strengthen the heart.

  • It is known to support a [person who is going through turmoil emotionally and is used to ward off the negative emotions that are associated with grief.

  • It is known to give relief in back pain and headaches.

Styling Ethiopian Opal 

 These gemstones can be used as an engagement rings and also as a pendant and bracelets. These opals can be combined with gold, silver, platinum and white gold. 

Enjoy the benefits of healing along with the addition of beauty to your collection of jewellery at a very reasonable price. For better results, choose a larger size gemstone.



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