Tourmaline is a versatile and semi-precious gemstone which is treasured throughout history. It is often referred to as a stone of wisdom. Tourmaline is believed to bring warmth and healing and also balances the soul. The name tourmaline is believed to be derived from the Sinhalese word Turmali which translates to mixed coloured stones. They are found in a rainbow of colours. Ancient Egyptians believed that the gemstones received their colour from passing over a rainbow. The different chemical composition in them gives them different colours.

They can generate electrical current when they are rubbed or are heated, and hence they are pyroelectric. They are also piezoelectric as they attract dust particles to the end of the crystal. They also vary depending on the type

Origin of Tourmaline

Tourmaline deposits are found in Ceylon in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, the United States of America, and Russia. Other countries like Nigeria, Malawi, Madagascar, Tanzania, Namibia, and Mozambique have been the producers of Tourmaline recently.

Different hues of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is available in extremely varied colours. Some of the colours in which Tourmaline is available are blue, green, brown, red, pink, black and grey. They are also available in orange, purple, white colours. Some of them are even colourless. Some are multicoloured accommodating two or more different colours. Some hue in Tourmaline is enhanced by using heat treatment. For example:        

  •  Light pink stones are turned colourless

  • Brownish red stones are changed to red colour

  • Greenish stones are made to deep green colour.

Benefits of Tourmaline

Along with the beauty that Tourmaline has and is known for, it also has many healing properties. Different coloured Tourmaline is known to heal different ailments. Some of the cure it provides according to different colour are as follows-

  • Brown Tourmaline- This is believed to help in overcoming the bad habits a person possesses and enables them to move forward from failures and weaknesses.

  • Black Tourmaline- This is known to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Blue Tourmaline- This promotes a person’s spiritual growth and intuition.

  • Pink Tourmaline- This colour gemstone helps in reducing all kinds of fear and panic. It makes a person compassionate.

  • Green Tourmaline- This helps to increase stamina and enables a person to overcome jealousy.

  • Watermelon Tourmaline- This increases the person’s self-esteem and self-worth.

Other than these healing properties it also has the following benefits- 

  • This gemstone also helps in giving relief to people having joint pains. It also heals all heart related diseases.

  • It also helps in detoxifying harmful acids from the body.

  • This gemstone is also known to cleanse the internal organs such as the liver, kidney, digestive system and blood.

This is the most powerful gemstone that fills a person with positivity and love. Apart from the metaphysical healing, this gemstone is immensely beautiful. This gemstone can also be placed at different places to get the right result. Some of them are-

  • Placing a black tourmaline at the front door can protect you from unwanted energy from entering your home.

  • Keeping tourmaline near the bed in the bedroom helps you get sound sleep and takes away all anxiety.

  • Placing the tourmaline in every corner of the room to make a grid, protects you from negative energy.

  • Carrying a black tourmaline when going out gives you protection creating a shield around you.

Styling Tourmaline

Tourmaline can be worn as jewellery like earrings, engagement rings or bracelets. Black tourmaline is always recommended to be worn on the left side which helps in fulfilling your desires and protects you from accidents.



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