We work with a few astounding jewelry designers, who produce some lovely, quality pieces. But, in many cases, jewelry is delicate and often using valuable metals and stones, it is significant that it is cared for cautiously.

In case of breakage or fault, we will make an honest effort to cure the circumstance by referring the issue back to our Goldsmith.

Because of the one-of-a-kind and fragile nature of adornments kindly note that our provider's individual guarantee and merchandise exchanges may change.

Kindly consider the following as a guide when thinking about buying our jewelry:

Manufacturing Fault:

In case of fault of manufacturing, we will allude back and give maintenance or substitution.

If the goods have been damaged by you, we will not refund, this incorporates harm brought about by deficient bundling by you while returning goods. Proof of Purchase is required.

Manufacturing faults included:

* Broken or cracked gemstones, chipped and inclusion.

* Broken chains.

In the event that you might want any of the above fixes made, we can evaluate the harm and will tell you the expenses prior to continuing.

Care and cleaning

Regard your jewelry and they will respect you! Kindly, note that wear and tear use isn't viewed as a manufacturing issue. Jewelry is valuable and you are liable for its consideration.

Jewelry and gem things are sensitive and ought to be taken care of cautiously. Protect it from synthetics (hair splash, aroma, nail clean remover, chlorine, cleansers, moisturizers and so forth) direct objects that may harm or cause scratches or marks.

Jewelry that is plated or with specific completions applied may age or wear back over the long run. Inclusions and stones are sensitive and may chip if not carefully worn. Pendant and rings may break or curve in a bad way whenever mishandling. Gemstones parting from mishandling aren’t viewed as a manufacturing fault.

Sterling silver is best cleaned with an expert gems cleaning agent, read producers directions before use.

Clean plated, outfit things and fragile gemstones with a delicate fabric or gentle adornments chemical, don't utilize silver clean or solid metal cleaners.


All orders are FINAL and can be refunded or exchanged that totally depends on the Terms & Conditions - so kindly pick cautiously. Basic difference as a top priority is additionally not acknowledged for refund.

  • If delivered products are not correct item as well as size you order, are deficient or harmed we will have responsibility to you.
  • We make over backward to guarantee our Website is current, accurate, and complete and mistake free as possible, we are not obligated for any errors or blunders which are beyond our reasonable control.
  • Gift Vouchers are not refundable.
  • You should confirm to, and notice all pertinent legislation and guidelines, including acquiring any relevant import grants to buy products from our site. We acknowledge no obligation for any products bought by you in regard of any nearby laws with respect to the import duties or taxes of any products you buy from Chordia Jewels.



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