Perfect Holiday Necklaces: Aquamarine Necklace Buy Online

Posted on October 22nd, 2021 02:43 PM

Be it the red carpet divas or the confident working women; you can spot everyone wearing a gorgeous necklace as an inseparable part of their ensemble. A necklace accentuates your natural beauty, making you the center of attraction wherever you go. So if you’re planning to go on a vacation, don’t forget to take your favorite necklaces along. If you don’t have necklaces ideal for a holiday, consider buying a few trendy aquamarine necklaces as they’ll beautifully go on every outfit. To help you pick the best aquamarine necklaces for your holiday, we’ve shortlisted some of the most uber-stylish options and listed them below.

Aquamarine Festoon Necklace

Festoon necklaces are as old as photography or even older. Despite having its imprints in ancient times, a festoon necklace is still a staple design in a modern contemporary wardrobe. This necklace design is characterized by threads of chain, gemstone, and other precious elements that are beautifully interwoven to form a gorgeous draping necklace.

The draping elements are the primary highlights of a festoon necklace, and its charm adds to your beauty. You can wear a festoon necklace adorned with large aquamarine gemstone on a long maxi dress, crop top & midi skirt, and other outfits. 

Single Strand Aquamarine Necklace

As the name suggests, a single-strand necklace comes with a single focal element adorned with silver or gold chains. It is the most common yet the most sophisticated-looking necklace worn by women. It’s beautiful, stylish, and perfect for everyday wear. You can look for an aquamarine necklace made in 14k gold, accentuated with small halo diamonds for your upcoming holiday, as it will go with most holiday outfits. You can also pair it with stud earrings, a bracelet, a sparkling gemstone ring, or other accessories.   

Aquamarine Princess Necklace

If you’re a fan of wearing statement pieces, you must carry a princess necklace on your holiday. Shorter than a matinee necklace and longer than a choker, a princess necklace comes with the perfect length, making you feel comfortable and confident. Though many prefer to wear it at formal events, you can break the tradition by pairing it with a stunning vacation dress. 

Riviere Aquamarine Necklace

Want a stellar necklace that exudes brilliance, beauty, elegance, and captivates whoever sees it? If yes, go for a Riviere necklace made of brilliant-cut and polished aquamarine gemstone. These necklaces generally have one or two separate rows of aquamarine or any other jewel, and the stone size tends to become smaller as they inch closer towards the back end. Its appearance resembles a gradual stream of gemstones beautifully placed together. This necklace aims to put the jewels in highlight, and not the design itself.  Owing to the gorgeous aesthetics, it is easy to pair it with any outfit.

Sautoir Aquamarine Necklace

A fancy term used by the French people, Sautoir refers to a long beautiful necklace with a gorgeous pendant at the bottom. Such necklaces are characterized by dangling threads, gemstone pendants, single or multiple chain lengths, tassels, and other decorative links or elements to beautify the accessory. A sautoir necklace adorned with aquamarine looks stylish and gives you an edgy vacation look. 

Besides the aquamarine necklace options discussed above, you can also consider going back to the classic designs, vintage designs, etc. If you want a necklace that amplifies your personality, you should consider getting a customized aquamarine necklace before your scheduled vacation. To make your vacation ensembles more appealing, pair the aquamarine necklace with matching earrings, bracelet, ring, etc. You can also wear an elegant watch to complete the look.



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