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Style guide to ring setting options

Style guide to ring setting options

For some a ring is a symbol of love, for some, it’s a way to flaunt style, and for some, it’s a priceless jewellery piece. Getting a ring that suits your style & personality is a tough task and today variety of ring options are available in the market with so many styles to choose from. So it’s very important to choose a ring that is made perfectly for you or your loved one.

What Is A Ring Setting? 

Before buying any ring it’s very crucial to determine the setting of the ring as it defines the feature of any ring the most. As we've already mentioned there are a variety of ring setting styles but choosing the right setting ring will depend on your personality & style.

How is the Gemstone Held in the Ring? 

There are numerous ways used by a jeweller to hold the gem or diamond in place. Below we’ve mentioned the setting option of the ring:


The prong setting in the ring is the one that uses "claws" to hold a diamond or any gem in place. Typically, four or six prongs are used by a jeweller while the latter offers a more protected hold and the former makes the gem sparkle even more by ensuring that more light is able to shine through the gem or diamond. For most of the diamond shapes & sizes, a prong setting can be used. The prongs are available in many shapes such as flat, V-shaped, and round.

The prong setting is the one that gives the ring a more smart & classic look. However, the worst thing about this setting is that the prongs can loosen with wear & diamond can snag on clothing. 

Bezel setting 

The bezel is basically a thin metal rim that surrounds the center of the gem which holds it firmly in place. With a bezel setting, a gem can be placed in a full or a partial bezel. And if we talk about this setting it is a more secure option in comparison to prong settings as this setting holds the gem tightly & it is more suitable for people having an active lifestyle. Along with that, a bezel setting protects the gem or diamond from chipping or snagging & also gives the ring a sleeker & modern look. However, the metal rim in this setting hides parts of the gem or diamond which can affect how much light displays the gem making it look smaller than its actual size. 


If we talk about the Tiffany setting then it’s similar to the prong setting as it utilizes prongs as well to grip the gem in place. This setting enhances the brilliance of the gem as it maximizes the amount of light to return on the diamond. But again the worst part about this setting is that it has a tendency to snag on clothes and can lose over time just like prongs. 


This tension setting is the one that makes use of tension so that the gem can be held in place. This setting creates a look of the diamond-like it's floating b/w the two sides of the shank. However, the shank design ring is more of a partial-bezel set ring where some parts of the shank surround the diamond or gem which helps keep it in place. With this type of setting, the gem is held securely in place & also ensures enhanced reflection of light. This setting offers a stylish & modern look in the ring for women and needs less maintenance in comparison to prongs. However, if you want to resize the tension setting ring then it can be tough.


The flush setting is also known as the gipsy or hammer setting. With this setting, the jeweller drills a hole in the ring band & sets the gem inside it by hammering the metal surrounding it so that the gem stays in place. This setting is similar to the bezel setting as only the top of the gemstone can be seen which can make it less brilliant & even look smaller in size than it is in actuality.


Above we’ve explored various settings of rings and if you want to buy the best bezel set ring then you can check the Chordia jewels collection. You can get a gold ring, rose gold ring, and white gold ring with a bezel setting.

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