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Bezel Set Engagement Rings: Designs and Advice

Bezel Set Engagement Rings: Designs and Advice

An engagement ring with a bezel setting is one that has a thin piece of metal wrapped around the gemstone or diamond.

What do Engagement Rings with bezel settings look like?

Below are the best seven design examples of a bezel set engagement rings:

Design 1

You can try this bezel setting ring design with diamond gemstone in white gold with a full bezel set. This is a 14k bezel set ring in white gold that gives a smart yet elegant look with a bit of sparkle.

Design 2

This is a Bezel set engagement ring with bio-tourmaline and diamond-accented double stone beautiful ring. This is a cuff ring in 14k yellow gold which is an ideal proposal gift for her.

Design 3

This is a Bezel set ring in white gold which is studded with Tanzanite & Diamond Gemstones. This ring features a 4x2mm baguette-cut creating a continuous loop representing commitment. This can be the best engagement ring for you if you like the combination of tanzanite & diamond gemstone.

Design 4


This is another example of the best engagement ring for people who love ruby stones. This bezel-setting ring is crafted in 14k solid rose gold which is known for its lightweight design. This engagement ring can complement you with its classic beauty and vibrant ruby look.

Design 5

This is a perfect engagement ring with a 0.07 Carat G-H white diamond with a princess cut. You can win her heart by surprising her with this beautiful diamond ring which has a brilliant sparkle & a symbol of timeless love.

  1. Design 6


This bezel-setting engagement ring can look fantastic especially if you want to have something more in terms of shape. This ring can adorn your finger with two beautiful gemstones. This beautiful engagement ring features rainbow moonstone and pink tourmaline in 14k yellow gold metal. The heart-shaped stone in this ring makes it a unique and stylish way to flaunt.

  1. Design 7


This ring features a combination of two gemstones are white diamond & green coloured emerald bezel set ring. This ring is a fine jewelry piece with 14k rose gold metal which makes it look more attractive and beautiful.

What to keep in mind before buying the best bezel set rings?

  1. Ensure that your ring has a clean finish.

If the Bezel settings ring is not paralleled & sung to the gemstone or diamond then it loses its glamour. Also, you won’t get any challenges if the bezel of the ring doesn’t have any sharp edges. With Chordia Jewels, you can be fully assured that you'll be going to get a piece of great finished jewellery because they work with proper expertise & knowledge. With Chordia Jewels, you can get a variety of options in bezel set engagement rings where each piece showcases premium quality & proper finish that doesn’t contain any kind of sharp edges.

  1. Light performance is key to any bezel-set ring

Bezels settings stop the light from entering from the side of the gemstone or diamond but if we talk about small-sized diamonds or gemstones, the shine of the gem can be compromised by the bezel setting. Due to this reason, we have above shown many engagement ring designs that can easily display the shine of the gemstones or diamonds so that you can flaunt your ring with style.

  1. Size does matter with bezel-set rings

As we already know bezel envelopes around the gems or diamonds' edges can make it look smaller in size which is why it’s always suggested to consider bezel settings for elongated shapes such as marquise, emeralds, ovals, and baguettes. Whereas if we talk about bezels with shapes such as hexagonal, round, or heart, it is always suggested to consider at least a 1-carat gemstone or diamond. 


With Chordia Jewels, you can explore our premium engagement ring collection with bezel settings as they design each of their jewellery pieces with proper precision & utmost hard work so that you can get the best of all. So what are you waiting for? Buy a bezel set diamond engagement ring for your loved one today from our premium collection of engagement rings.

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