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Bezel setting Engagement ring

Bezel Setting Engagement Rings: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

The Bezel setting is the one that is the best deal for someone having an active lifestyle & who likes to have a low-profile setting diamond. People prefer this setting as it can be worn safely while doing any kind of activity and the look is also clean & understated.

The bezel setting has grabbed huge popularity in the past few years but it is not new in the market. These days more & more people prefer buying bezel setting rings as they have realized that it has a lot of practical benefits along with a sleek & smooth profile. The bezel setting is not like the prong setting as it won’t snatch on hair, clothing, or other surfaces.

So how does the bezel setting work?

This setting has a thin metal edge which is known as a bezel, which wraps around the circumference of the solitaire and slightly expands above and over the rim of the diamond. This thin collar is polished smoothly down on top of the solitaire’s rim. Among all the settings, the bezel one is considered one of the most safe of all the solitaire setting types as the setting would have to be damaged several times for the solitaire to come out. With Chordia Jewels, you can buy the best Aquamarine Bezel set ring.

Let’s learn more about the bezel setting & what to look for in a bezel set ring before buying them.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bezel Settings

Bezel settings are impressive for various reasons the bezel setting is particularly used for valuable gemstones as it provides massive protection to them. The metal in this setting surrounds the solitaire completely as it protects them against daily wear & tear. Moreover, this setting is best as it enhances the solitaire size as showcases the gemstone size look larger than it actually is, particularly when the metal colour is matched to the stone colour. 

What to Look for in a Bezel Setting?

  • What type of stone cuts work well in a bezel setting? 

This setting can adapt to different gemstone cuts but a round shape cut works perfectly well in a bezel setting. 

  • How does the pricing of the bezel setting compare to other rings?

If we talk about the pricing then bezel settings are more expensive in comparison to other settings as they need proper expertise & craftsmanship to set the solitaire & require more weight of metal as well.

  • Can bezel settings be mixed with any other type of settings?  

Yes, bezel settings can be mixed with other settings for example the bezel mixed with a claw setting gives a better interesting design. 

How to Care for Your Bezel Setting Engagement Ring?

In comparison to prong settings, the bezel setting engagement rings are best as they tend to protect the solitaire with metal surrounding the ring’s stone. Also, in this setting, there are very less chances of snatching and the firm metal band is less likely to attract dirt. This makes bezel set diamond engagement rings easy to clean. You can clean your bezel ring by using warm water & some amount of dish detergent, then just rinse it & dry it with a soft cloth.


Some people feel confused while buying the bezel set ring as it has a protective collar which won’t allow much light to the solitaire, and due to this, the light performance is limited. So if you want to allow more light in with a bezel set ring then there is only one way to get the benefits of the bezel setting, consider buying a half-bezel style ring that allows more light to the diamond from two directions. You can never regret opting for this idea as it puts a strong emphasis on cut quality when choosing the solitaire.

With Chordia Jewels, you can buy a certified ideal cut diamond or Emerald bezel set ring which will ensure you get the maximum amount of light with brilliance & amazing sparkle no matter which ring setting you’re going to choose.

So with the bezel setting now you don’t need to think twice whether you are a marathon runner an athlete a homemaker an artist, or a preschool teacher, this setting is the go-to option for every individual!

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