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How Secure Are Bezel Set Earrings Compared to Other Setting Types?

How Secure Are Bezel Set Earrings Compared to Other Setting Types?

In our daily busy schedule, we’ve to perform activities, and with the management of every work, it is very necessary to take care of your delicate jewellery as well. And what if we tell you that there is a way with which you can safeguard the priceless gemstone on your jewellery? The answer is very simple choose a bezel setting.

You might be thinking, what is so special in a bezel setting? Well, the jewellery with bezel setting is the most durable & secure setting if you have a colourful or diamond gem. This type of jewellery has an elegant & sleek look. Along with that, it is very famous as it is one of the jewellery from ancient times.

But, there’s a lot more about bezel setting, so let’s explore.

What Is a Bezel Setting Jewelry?

When the stone or a diamond is adjoined by a curve of a thin edge of metal, it’s meant as bezel-setting jewellery. Jewellery with a bezel setting creates a metal collar around the gemstone & keeps the gem in the same area. This setting is not only safe but it even adds an elegant touch to the jewelry. For example: Wearing bezel earrings can add a stylish aura to your personality.

Bezel setting earrings in comparison with Other Settings:

  1. Bezel Vs Flush Setting: The major disparity b/w the bezel & flush is that the flush setting jewellery doesn’t highlight the stone in the centre, the way the bezel setting does. It’s because the flush-setting gemstones are fixed into the metal band & cannot be lifted. And if we talk about a bezel setting, it permits the gemstone to grab some attention as they can be lifted higher or lower to some extent. The bezel set earrings are also more famous as they can be found in various designs. In both types of jewellery settings, the elegance of the gemstone is limited. But both types of settings can be maintained very well in a busy & active work schedule.
  1. Bezel Vs Channel Setting:  If we talk about channel setting then it works great with small-sized gems because it makes an amazing linear row b/w the walls of the channel. However, it doesn’t always seek attention to the centre gem as bezel-setting jewellery does. Channel & bezel settings both have safe setting options & they don’t snatch on the clothes of the wearer. For example; If you wear a bezel set diamond stud at any party, it doesn’t snag on any of your party outfits.
  1. Bezel vs Prong Setting: While claw or prong setting has a chance of snatching your woollens, gloves, outfit fabrics, hair, etc. bezel stud earrings do not. However, in a bezel setting, a gemstone or a diamond doesn’t showcase the exact elegance the way it does in a prong setting jewellery. In contrast to this, the bezel around the gemstone secures the gem & unlike a prong setting there is no chance of falling out.

The Advantages of Bezel Set Earrings:

  1. Without any doubt, the bezel set stud earring is the safest one. Various diamonds like pear, marquise, and princess cut have sharp borders, which can only be safeguarded by a bezel setting. Also, there are varieties of soft gems for which the bezel setting is best. Such soft gems are turquoise, moonstone, peridots, opals, etc.
  1. The bezel-setting earrings are truly a blessing for those with an active lifestyle. It is a practical alternative for them as it protects the gem from breaking & scratches. It reduces the maximum chance of loosening & dislodging of the gem as well. Due to its shape also, the bezel setting doesn’t snatch the hair, clothing, or any loose threads.
  1. Due to its simple design, a bezel-set diamond earring is simpler to maintain & clean due to its uncomplicated design. So now you can wear your jewellery anytime & anywhere with comfort.  


Every jewellery setting has both pros & cons, but what is actually important is your lifestyle & comfort. Bezel-setting earrings have a maximum of benefits for people who want to work actively with elegance. So, if you’re one of them then explore our collection at Chordia Jewels & get what makes you look stylish.

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