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Why Bezel Set Earrings Are a Timeless Jewelry Choice?

Why Bezel Set Earrings Are a Timeless Jewelry Choice?

Earrings with bezel settings are known as one of the classic jewellery pieces. Bezel Set jewellery is the best companion for people who work a lot and have an active work routine. Below, we will understand what actually a bezel setting jewellery is & what makes a bezel set earring a classic jewellery piece.

What is a Bezel Setting in jewellery?

A bezel setting jewellery is one that has a metal ring signature appearance or an edge that surrounds one or numerous gemstones. The adjoining metal helps in keeping the gem safe & secure in its position. This makes bezel-setting jewellery pieces an ideal option to wear with delicate gems brilliantly. With this setting, it’s very safe to wear bezel set jewellery on a daily basis. For example; bezel earrings are one of the amazing pieces of Bezel Setting jewellery.

Why Bezel Setting Jewellery is Famous? 

A bezel setting jewellery is known & loved by many people for its modern & clean look. The Bezel setting is one of the antique settings used in jewellery. The“bezel” word came into existence from an old French word. Oftentimes bezel setting is linked with any jewellery that is old & vintage. For example; Bezel set earrings are so trendy & give a vintage look as well.

Commonly, Bezel settings jewellery shows the detailing of amazing round diamond cuts, but bezel settings can work great with any or as per your choice gem or diamond cut & requirements.

Bezel Setting Earrings.

Earrings with Bezel sets are in demand & trend these days. These types of bezel set diamond stud earrings are so attractive as they permit a huge amount of light to strike the diamond in the earrings. This makes the earrings shine like a star from every angle. 

What Does a Bezel Set Earrings Look Like?

Bezel-set earrings look different from other ones. These earrings definitely magnify the profile of the gem like others but bezel settings in the earrings make the gemstone set into the metal very effectively. Earrings with bezel settings are so elegant that they bring an illusion of a larger gem in the centre. 

Bezel settings jewellery can look very distinctive as per the gemstone size & the piece of jewellery you opt for. A pair of diamond stud earrings could be bezel-set. You could even get a variety of options when talking about bezel stud earrings. For example; you can get bezel set stud earrings in various gemstones.

How Bezel Settings Earrings Affect the Brilliance of the Gems?

In Earrings with Bezel settings most amount of the gems area is covered as compared to prong settings. Due to this, it diminishes the portion of light that enters the stone. But if we talk about a well-designed bezel then it still lets the stone shine. The colour of the metal also plays a significant role in the overall beauty of the gem. 

What makes a bezel set earrings a premium quality jewellery piece?

Secure Enclosure: Before buying bezel setting earrings, ensure to check whether the bezel surrounds the gem evenly or not. This will even let you know that it can fit against the gem comfortably. There should be no differences or gaps in the metal part.

Polished Properly: Ensure that the bezel should be polished in a proper manner as it will give a reflective & clear surface. If it is properly polished then the overall aesthetic of the gem will be automatically enhanced.

Smooth Boundaries: The edge or boundary of the bezel should be smoothly finished & properly even so that it does not create any roughness as it can result in scratches over the clothing of the wearer.

Made with expertise: A well-designed bezel setting showcase a jeweller's knowledge of detailing. Every curve & angle should be scrutinized. A good bezel set earrings design needs proper expertise & proper precision.


Bezel set earrings are classically inspired. The beauty of bezel set earrings is in their creative design. With Chordia Jewels, you can get the best bezel setting earrings as they’re designed & made with proper expertise. They place each gemstone with precision & care. The Bezel Set diamond Earrings provided by them are versatile & give a unique appearance.

If you’re looking for the best bezel-set earrings then buy them from none other than Chordia Jewels as all of our bezel-set earrings give a proper vintage & modern feel.

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