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Garnet jewelry

Stunning Garnet Jewelry: A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Piece

Since the ancient period, the garnet gem also known as red garnet stone which has a deep red colour shade has attracted various jewellery lovers. You must be thinking what attracts people to this garnet stone the most? Well, it’s that beautiful intense & rich shade that looks really attractive & some people love wearing its jewellery pieces. With Chordia Jewels, now you can get the best garnet jewellery piece as per your budget & in good quality as well.

You should buy the garnet jewellery from the best jewellers like Chordia Jewels as they have a group of expert artisans who work properly on the selection & cut the garnet gemstone to display their natural beauty & brilliant colour. The craftsmanship & work of each natural garnet stone piece is proof that tells us about the quality of the gems. Below we will be exploring a variety of things about the garnet ornaments that you may be looking for so let’s get started:

The Allure of Garnet Jewellery Pieces

Garnet jewellery never goes out of style or fashion as there is something attractive about these garnets and their deep red colour. Most jewellers have a love for Garnet stones, especially those linked with the first month of birth, which is the ruby stone. A birthstone Garnet jewellery piece is admired for its brilliance & deepness of colours hence, it is suitable for both new & old styles. Chordia Jewels are among the best jewellers that produce several types of garnet jewellery made by expert designers.

Determining the Accurate Price of Garnet Jewellery

To get the knowledge of exact cost of the  garnet you need to keep below key factors in mind:

  1. Garnet Type:

Garnets come in different types and each of them has its own amazing benefits & characteristics. The red garment that is most widely famous is known as almandine, in addition to that there are more different varieties like rhodolite, pyrope, and tsavorite.

  1. Gemstone Quality:

The nature of the garnet, including factors such as clarity, cut, tone, and carat weight, is very crucial for the understanding of the cost. The most valuable garnets are the ones with the shade Dark red with minimal inclusions.

  1. Jewellery Design:

In determining the cost of the garnet, the design and craftsmanship of the gemstone also play a vital role. For example, complex craftsmanship, Elaborate designs, and the utilisation of additional gems can also have a great impact on the cost of the gem.

Metal Setting used: The metal used for the garnet jewellery whether it is real silver or gold, can also influence the cost of the garnet ornament as well.

Choose Real Garnet Jewellery Manufacturer

If you want the best stunning garnet jewellery then Chordia Jewels is your top destination as Chordia Jewels offers a variety of stylish garnet jewellery made on the basis of different choices, keeping in mind both beauty & quality. Now you can choose any jewellery piece whether it is a refined garnet pendant, stylish garnet earring, vintage garnet ring or elegant garnet necklace, the choice is yours.

Chordia Jewels offers you a variety of major advantages as given below:

  1. Customization Choices: With Chordia Jewels, you can get a variety of garnet jewellery pieces & the best thing about that is you can get them customized as per your needs & choice. So now there is no need to compromise with your style.
  1. Competitive Pricing: With Chordia Jewels, you can get the best offers & discounts along with high-quality garnet jewellery. So now you can get the best quality product by keeping your budget in mind.
  1. Wide range of Collections: From modern to casual, Chordia Jewels provides garnet ornaments in a large number of styles with a guarantee of providing special care to their clients.


Chordia Jewels provide the best garnet jewellery & it is widely known for being one of the best manufacturers of garnet jewellery. Along with that, it also offers a huge variety of garnet jewellery designs ranging from various fashionable, plain, and vintage, designs, to even contemporary ones.

In addition to these elements, you can also get the garnet jewellery wholesale & a reasonable true value and give brilliant gemstones to the clients that will become their treasures.

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