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Garnet Jaipur Gemstone Wholesale

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An Introduction to Garnets

Garnets Stone are small, multi-colored stones that fall in the semi-precious category. Amongst all other semi-precious stones Garnets are known to be the most complex as they are found in many types and varieties. It is more like some minerals coming together and forming many varied colored gemstones. With colors like red, yellow, brown, and green to name a few, these stones are massively popular when it comes to jewelry jewelry-making business. Garnet Gemstones are found both naturally and also developed synthetically owing to their widespread use in industries like ornaments, water-filtration, abrasives, and also healing and mystical uses throughout the world. 

Red Garnet Stone: Structure, Features, and Origin

The value and worth of Garnet stones have been known to mankind ever since the Bronze Age. With the 14th century French deriving the name ‘Garnet’ from ‘garnet’ meaning ‘dark red’, this stone also finds a mention in the Indian Vedic Stone collection ‘Navratnas’ as ‘Gomed’. It’s interesting to take note that many attribute the red color of the stone to seeds of the fruit pomegranate, from the generic term ‘pomum granatum’. These deposits of this stone are mostly found in metamorphic and seldom in igneous rocks as they can bear high pressures and hot temperatures. Though found in colors like orange, red, yellow, and others, all these colors have the same structure and physical properties. The different colors are due to changed chemical properties in them. The manner how light traverses through the stones determines the levels of transparency and opaqueness of the stones. The most commonly found Garnets Stones are red while the most rarely found are blues and greens. Also, it has been largely seen that stones with comparatively less hardness are used for jewelry while those with more hardness are used extensively in industries like abrasives. 

Legends about Garnet Gemstone

There are many fascinating tales about the occurrence and mystical properties of Garnet Gemstones. If one of the theories about the durability and existence of Garnets is to be believed, it says that the first Garnet beads were found as a Necklace around the neck of a dead man’s body belonging to some 3500 years ago! Another story states that one Anglo-Saxon King was so attracted and mesmerized with Garnets is that he got a 400-carat stone for himself. Even Europeans used Garnets extensively in molding royal ornaments. Another folktale that still prevails around the world is about a Greek belief. In another part of Greece, as Garnets were compared to Pomegranates and pomegranates as a sign of expressing love, couples would exchange Garnets as a token of love and commitment especially to mark the second, sixth, and nineteenth wedding anniversaries. Many tribes also believed that a Garnet that loses its sheen and color is indicative of a fast-approaching difficulty. 

Why Wear Natural Garnet Stone

Natural Garnet Stones are ruling the jewelry and gemstone domain globally as the first choice when it comes to finger rings and neckpieces. Ever wondered why? There are countless reasons why wearing a Garnet stone can work wonders both physically and emotionally. 

  • The red color of the Garnet is associated with love, passion, and companionship. It is believed it rekindles all these feelings in the wearer strengthening personal relationships.
  • It works on the bodily vitals reducing negativity and attracting positivity. This is why a garnet engraved with a lion is especially extensively used as talismans and good-luck charms to shield from evils and troubles. 
  • Red Garnets are also worn as the ‘stone of health’. It helps in combating hemorrhages, regulating blood flow, improving skin conditions, and a healthy reproductive system.
  • The red color is also believed to attract success, fame, prosperity, and a million opportunities for the wearers’ business.