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As Valentine’s Day approaches, the pressure to give your loved one something special keeps mounting. Tap into your romantic side and pull out all the stops to make this day a memorable one.

Nothing says “I love you” like a good piece of jewelry, especially jewelry gifted on Valentine’s Day as around that time of the year, expectations run high. If you have been dating for a long time or have just started off, gifting jewelry is a romantic idea as it shows effort and commitment from your end. After all, no one would give jewelry to somebody that they are not interested in.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day Jewelry, there are so many options to choose from. This can be potentially confusing and unnerving as one might not want to go wrong with this decision. Spending on jewelry is a big deal so treat it as such.
Keep things in mind like your budget limit, what your partner prefers and likes, what color and shape of jewelry would suit them, and so on. Heart-shaped jewelry is a big favorite on Valentine’s Day so going for heart-shaped rings and pendants is one option that can never go wrong. There is nothing more romantic than receiving heart-shaped jewelry on Valentine’s Day. Luxury watches are also one such gift item that is bound to wow your mate.

If you don’t want to experiment and want to stick to the basic but classic gift item then without thinking twice go for earrings. Since people have different choices, earrings these days are available in a vast variety and you are sure to find a pair that is suitable for your partner. Earrings are elegant and timeless pieces, so let’s have a look at the different types available. While you’re choosing earrings, keep in mind the person’s face shape that is going to wear them as earrings are always on full display and it is important that they complement the natural shape of your partner’s face.

Let’s take a look at the different types of earrings.


Stud earrings are relatively smaller and fit snugly on the ear lobe without dropping downward, looping backward, or climbing upward. Typically featuring a simple design, studs are comfortable to wear and look great with any outfit. Diamond studs are a jewelry box staple and one of the most popular styles of earrings that will definitely be preferred by your partner. Studs with gemstones are a great option too, just to add a little bit of color and funk. They look stylish on just about everyone and are a classy option.





If you want earrings that are not as simple as studs and have a little bit of length to them, a pair of delicate drop earrings might be just what you are looking for. Drop earrings are set in precious metal and hang down below the earlobe and are typically stationary, almost like an extended stud earring. While Drop Earrings can be made with any gemstone, pearl drops are considered some of the most popular and in-demand earrings. These timeless pieces are luminescent and make the wearer feel confident.


A slightly extended version of the drop earrings, danglers also hang down below the earlobe. They extend farther than the drop earrings and tend to have more visibility. They also tend to move along with the face. Beautiful designs are available in danglers and they can make for very good statement pieces as well. If you lady likes a bold look, these are the ones you should go for!





Chandelier earrings are a type of dangle earring with a downward shape that resembles an ornate crystal chandelier. Chandelier earrings exude elegance and femininity and are thought to be the most luxurious of all the earring styles. The design starts off with multiple stones inline and then expands to take the shape of a hanging chandelier.

Diamond chandeliers are one of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry and are quite eye-catching. They can tend to get a little heavy and uncomfortable though.



The trusty hoop earrings, made in any precious metal are a staple in the style department of any good jewelry store. Hoops are classic and versatile and add a sophisticated touch to every look. They are one of the favorites when it comes to the jewelry that women prefer.

Gold, silver, and platinum hoops look stunning even when they are used plainly without any stones.



This earring style is relatively newer. Climbers, as their name suggests, start at the base which is your earlobe, and extend upwards along with the shape of your cartilage. These are a fantastic option to wear at any cocktail event and can make any casual look seem jazzy in a matter of seconds. They’re also very comfortable to wear as they don’t pull at your earlobe and weight is evenly distributed.

Whenever you’re buying earrings, make sure that their back is secure and won’t be difficult to wear and their ears are sensitive. Earrings are classic pieces and your partner will undoubtedly love to receive them as gifts.
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