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Emerald Necklace Fine Jewelry

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Shop for Emerald Necklace Fine Jewelry Online on Chordia Jewels

The green emerald gemstone that is famous among celebrities and known for its history of rebirth and love is admired by people for its beautiful jewelry. Symbol of compassion, mercy, and universal love, this gemstone is most favorite of every person.

Elegant and Classic Design of Emerald Necklace

Are you looking for a piece of emerald jewelry that is both beautiful and unique? Chordia Jewels offers a large selection of emerald necklaces in different shapes, stone quality, styles, and carat weights. Whether you're looking for a simple necklace or a striking piece of jewelry, you'll find it here. Explore all the designs we offer in our Emerald Necklace:

Gold Necklace

Emerald Necklace Gold with dazzling white diamonds is a trendy yet timeless piece of fine jewelry. This excellent piece of jewelry will give your outfit a perfect look.

Pendant Necklace

A beautiful cluster design Emerald Pendant Necklace is a perfect piece of jewelry for working women. With its elegant design, this gorgeous necklace would go well with her formal attire.

Heart Necklace

A heart emerald necklace is a perfect piece of jewelry for your lady love. This Emerald Green Necklace will always remind her of you and your love for her.

Butterfly Necklace

This gorgeous necklace is an ideal birthday gift since butterflies signify a person's spiritual birth. It's also a perfect gift for someone born in May as an Emerald Birthstone Necklace.

Halo Necklace

A lovely jewelry necklace for your loved ones. Timeless and gorgeous emerald diamond halo necklace with both modern and traditional characteristics. The emerald stone's brilliance is complemented by the glittering diamonds in this lovely neckpiece that will surely add charm to your beauty.

Why Chordia Jewels?

At Chordia Jewels, we provide the most recent variety of emerald necklace at prices that are affordable to everyone. We also provide customization services to our customers so that they may put their unique touch to their jewelry. Discover a new world of emerald jewelry at Chordia Jewels.

Which cut of emerald is best?

Emerald is one such stone that goes irrespective of any cut. But, the best cut would be the one of your choice. While cushion and oval cuts are rare for emeralds, the popular ones are the asscher and octagon which brings out the beauty of the Emerald in a bold, unseen way.

How many types of Emerald Necklace? 

There are a variety of Emerald necklaces, a single emerald centered necklace, layered emerald stone necklaces, emerald-diamond fusion necklace, baroque styled emerald necklace and a lot more types entirely depending on the taste and preference of the adorner.

Can emeralds be worn every day?

Yes, emeralds can be worn everyday. They are strong  and enduring stones that can be used on a daily  basis. They can withstand everyday extensive usage. However, one has to be careful with the kind of setting they are in. Despite the stone being strong, the setting in which they are embedded should equally be stronger.

Is emerald more worth than diamond?

Emerald as a stone has its own worth depending on the cut, clarity and color. A lot depends on these three factors. Apart from that depending on the size, sometimes it can be more worthy than a diamond. However, drawing the comparison between emerald and diamond may not be a wise idea.

How to Keep Your Emerald Jewelry Clean & Sparkling? 

Emeralds or for that case any stone should be kept away from dust and chemicals. While cleaning at home ensure you use soft water with mild detergent that is gentle on skin as well as on stone. Wipe the dust with clean satin cloth. Also, it is recommended to go for a professional cleaning service with any of your local jewelers to get that sparkling look and also get a thorough check to blunt sharp ends if any