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White Diamond

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White Diamond Stone Supplier in India

We are an impeccable authorized Gemstone Supplier in Jaipur and we are famous for dealing in Gemstone Dealers in India. We offers the wide range of diamonds that are the most loved and aspired gemstones all over the world. Holding the first position under the category of precious stones, Diamonds are very rare and are as old as a million years. These White Diamond Stones have been ruling hearts for ages now and are widely used in the jewelry business. The only new trend being colorful diamonds – blue, yellow, pink, white, and others. Yes, White Diamonds are also available, though very rarely found and talked about. 

Difference Between White and Colorless Diamond

The greatest misconception about white diamonds is that they are very easily confused with colorless diamonds. It should be understood that colorless diamonds are those that have either no color or some tinges of gray, brown, or blue; if examined minutely. The element of colorlessness adds to the worth of a diamond stone. On the other hand, are the white diamonds that are exquisite for both their rareness of occurrence and non-presence on the color spectrum. White diamonds don’t get a spot on the color scale because the color ‘white’ itself is regarded to be the sum of all colors! The color white is generated in diamond stones as and when light transverses through tiny insertions within the stones, giving it a ‘milky’ look. It is for this reason that they qualify in the category of ‘colored or hued’ diamonds on the likes of pink, yellow, brown. 

White Diamonds: Origin and Features

The word diamond has been coined from the Greek term ‘adamos’ that stands for unconquerable. Diamonds are ageless and believed to be tears of god. Buried deep inside the womb of earth, these precious stones made way to the surface because of volcanic eruptions. Made entirely out of a single element – Carbon, these stones are the hardest in structure. After many a year of study and use, diamonds have found a place in industrial operations too like cutting, polishing, and others for jewelry, electronics, watches, and others. The GIA, too, states that to date very few stones are found to be White Diamonds as the conditions for their occurrence are very hostile and rare. The world’s earliest diamonds were found in India at the Panna Reserves, including the greatest Kohinoor. Later deposits were also founded in Brazil, Africa, Australia, America, and other countries. 

How to Estimate a Diamond's Value?

The greater the love for demand, the more the need to examine its value. As per GIA standards, to understand the value and grade of a Diamond, 4 C’s must be studied, namely – Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. This evaluation is well accepted globally. Color helps to determine the gemstone species and white is one of the rarest finds ever, adding enormously to its value. The Cut of a diamond influences its overall look and attractiveness. Since White Diamonds obtain their ‘white’ hue from the passing of light, it is of utmost importance for the stone to have the right cut for making available that perfect angle for the passing of light. Clarity is associated with the spots or inclusions inside the stone that facilitate the determination of the unique character and identity of the stone. And lastly, carat relates to the weight of the diamond. Large-sized white diamonds are not only scarcely available but also exorbitantly expensive. 

Mystical Properties of White Diamond

The rarity of White Diamonds makes them exquisite and the most expensive of all gemstones. But it has quite a few mystical qualities too for the wearer. It is widely believed that White Diamond brings –

  • Courage, power, and vigor
  • Royalty, Azure, and class
  • Arouses love, compassion, and positivity
  • Happiness, Attractiveness, and High Energy Levels 
  • Health benefits treating fatigue, mental illness, stomach-related issues.