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Emerald Pendants


Emerald- the lush green gemstone with its color and unparalleled beauty, captivate gemstone loved by people all around the world. This pretty gemstone is known for peace, loyalty, and new beginnings. Birthstone of May, this lovely gemstone is also known as the anniversary gen of 20th, 35th, and 55th year.

Types of Emerald Pendant

Emerald gemstone is well-known not only for its color and importance but also for its jewelry. Many people admire its jewelry because of its beauty and beautiful green hue. Are looking for emerald jewelry? Chordia Jewels have a large selection. The Natural Emerald Pendant, with its rich green color, is an ideal complement to your attractiveness. Whether you choose a simple solitaire pendant or an emerald halo pendant, our excellent collection has it all! Our most popular emerald pendant designs include:

Solitaire Pendant

The classic and timeless design of the pendant. It's a must-have piece of jewelry in any collection, and when it's designed with this lovely gemstone, it completes the appearance. The emerald solitaire pendant is an ideal present for someone who prefers minimalist jewelry.

Three-stone Pendant

An emerald pendant with three stones holding a deep meaning of past, present, and future will be a perfect anniversary gift for her.

Criss-Cross Pendant

The emerald criss-cross pendant with sparkling diamonds will be a perfect gift for the one who deeply believes in God.

Butterfly Eternity Pendant

Get bored of solitaire and Emerald Diamond Pendant? Then try our collection’s latest designed emerald butterfly pendant. This trendy and one-of-kind pendant with its eternity design will express your everlasting love for her.

No matter what pendant you pick it will just add a charm to your look. At our store, we offer fine gemstone jewelry at reasonable prices. An emerald pendant perfectly complements your every looks whether it’s your party dress or work outfit, there is no wrong thing to include it. Explore all the Emerald Pendant designs we have in our collection and are sure to leave you elated.