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Citrine Gemstone Manufacturer in Jaipur

We are reputed Gemstone Manufacturer Company in Jaipur India and famous for high-quality gemstones. Here, we are providing Citrine Loose Stones collections in various shapes and cuts. Before Buying Citrine Stones, you should need to know everything about Citrine Gemstone.

Citrine Stone is a gemstone that falls within the ambit of the Quartz mineral family and is found in colors ranging from pale yellow to brownish-golden shades. It is categorized under the semi-precious stones category and is often considered second only to the expensive yellow sapphire stones. This is why it is also fondly known as the Sunela Upratna’ in Hindi. Its yellow color is believed to be due to the Sun God that governs it and thereby brings energy and power to the wearer. Also, it is regarded as the birthstone fit for November-born people all over the world and is regarded as the perfect gift for the thirteenth anniversary.

Attributes of Citrine Gemstone

The name is Citrine Gemstone has been coined after the French term ‘citron’ that is used to refer to a yellow lemon. Just like lemon, Citrine is bright yellow, balances physical and mystical properties, and removes all negative energy. Original citrine stones are found as a part of igneous and metamorphic rocks and are difficult to find, transparent mostly, light yellow with some rainbow effect. For widespread use nowadays, it is an Amethyst stone that is heated and burnt to derive brownish to orangish tinge and is called a variant of Citrine. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were in awe of this stone and used it extensively for attracting wealth, talismans for avoiding bad omens, and making exquisite pieces of jewelry. Greek history marks the presence of Citrine some 3500 years ago. It’s rather astonishing to know that Citrine is one of the two stone categories in the world that need no cleansing or purification of any manner. There are now very few natural mining sites of Citrine left majorly around the USA, Brazil, Spain, Africa, Britain, and the Soviet Union. One very peculiar aspect about Citrine Stones is that they react with the heat very easily and therefore must be kept protected from heat at all times. 

All Know About Citrine Birthstone

Like all other gemstones, Citrines too have many interesting stories around them. Citrine is widely regarded as ‘The Merchants’ Stone’ for centuries now as it is presumed to draw wealth, generate cash, and bring about prosperity at work. The Greeks believe Citrine to be the stone of Goddess Demeter who takes away drought conditions and brings about fertility and harvest. While the Egyptians associate Citrine with a war goddess that protects its people from all bad and evil. Also during the 19th century in Rome, Citrine was the most loved stone when it came to designing statement ornaments for legendary actors like Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, and many others. Owing to its fantasy, Citrine Birthstone also found a place in many World War trophies and prizes awarded to war veterans.  

Benefits of Wearing Natural Citrine Stone

Citrine has been favored as one of the most sought-after gemstones among all cultures of the world. Owing to its beautiful, mystical color, and strong properties, Citrine is advisable to be worn by –

  • People suffering from kidney stones, liver, and other stomach-related issues
  • Those looking for ways to cleanse the body and the system of impurities and negativities
  • It drives vigor and strength in men and helps women with reproductive difficulties
  • Those who are trying to drive manifestation, wealth and fame attraction, positivity, and radiance
  • It is known to heal the soul, combat depressive thoughts, and channel emotions
  • A strong belief suggests that the Citrine stone must be placed in the cashbox at home or at the workplace to boost business operations and re-energize familial relations. 
  • Citrine finds strong roots in Chinese Feng Shui as a symbol to stir light, happiness, vitality, and life in any space. 
  • It can also be used for meditation for re-aligning the chakras and expressing self clearly and positively.