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Moonstone Gemstone Suppliers in Jaipur

Moonstone Gemstone is a type of mineral orthoclase called the feldspar group. When they are formed, orthoclase and the albite is separated in different alternating layers. Initially these two minerals, albite and orthoclase are intermingled. When light passes through these layers, the light is scattered in different directions and it produces a phenomenon which is called adularescence. Adularescence gives a glowing appearance to the surface of a gemstone as it is the light that billows across it. Apart from adularescence, Moonstone is also known to show the effect of a cat’s eye.

Natural Moonstone is the topmost gem quality of the group of feldspar because of its amazing beauty and heritage. In the Moonstone the beauty is what matters rather than the actual identity of the mineral. We are the best Moonstone Gemstone Wholesale Suppliers in India (Jaipur).

Origin of Natural Moonstone

Natural Moonstone which has historical importance are mined in the Adula mountains which are in Switzerland. These gemstones are also mined in Australia, Madagascar, Myanmar, India, Brazil, Tanzania, Norway, Germany And the United States of America.

The most valued Moonstones are found in Sri Lanka and India. Sri Lanka produces Blue Moonstone which is known to be the rarest of its kind. India is the producer of the Rainbow Moonstone.

Hues of Genuine Moonstone

Moonstone is an opalescent stone, which means it is also available in colorless form. The other hues in which the Moonstones are found are blue, brown, yellow, pink, peach, grey, and green.

Moonstone Jewelry

Cheers to the moonstone jewelry, which delightful carries a classy and effective look. Anything becomes a trend when you can carry it successfully, and that goes exactly well for moonstone accessories. Moonstone ring, earring, or pendant carries different styles, and it is a perfect addition to engagement or wedding jewelry. Moonstone ring benefits to make a better relationship. You can make your bond powerful with the Moonstone ring. Moonstone jewelry makes a perfect choice for your better half or someone special. 

Benefits of Moonstone Birthstone

Moonstones Birthstone are known to be valued by spiritualists, monks, shamans, and devotees because of the significance it has. Some of the benefits the Moonstone possesses are-

  • The Moonstones are known to have a strong power of healing.
  • It is believed that the Moonstone gives protection to the voyagers at sea and to the person who travels at night.
  • It is known to keep women safe during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Moonstones are known to relieve stress and makes a person calm and composed.
  • Some people also believe that these Moonstones are useful to give relief during menstrual problems.
  • It is helpful for those people who wants to lose weight as it is known to reduce obesity.
  • It is believed that it helps in cleansing the digestive system and is known to prevent water retention in the body.
  • It is believed to guide a person in his inner life.
  • It can energize the body and mind by increasing your vitality.
  • It also has the powers to ward off all negativity from your life.
  • It is known to add passion, and arouse feminine energy within you.
  • It helps in the overall nourishment of a person who wears them.

Styling a Moonstone Stone

  • A gold plated Moonstone ring is perfect for any occasion. Style it with any color outfit and enhance your look.
  • Pair your favourite ring with a lace choker to achieve a romantic look. You can also complement it with diamond studs.
  • Make the Moonstone the symbol of your love by using it as the engagement ring.
  • A rose gold moonstone is perfect for a special occasion like an anniversary. You can gift it to your partner and express your love through this moonstone.
  • As these stones are milky white, you can pair them with silver, light blue, yellow or neutral color outfits to get a predominant look.

Moonstone is considered to be a powerful gemstone that has a  lot of healing properties. It is also known as a balancing gem. Some call it a lucky stone. It is also used as a piece of jewellery. It can also be considered as a wedding gift for loved ones. So enjoy all these aspects by owning a Moonstone for yourself.