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Tanzanite Semi Precious Stone Dealers in USA

Tanzanite Stone is a unique and rare gemstone that is discovered in recent times. It is the most beautiful blue stone that became popular for its close resemblance to the dreamy Blue Sapphire. Its skewed feature makes it look different from different directions, this is what makes it a sought after gemstone in Fine Jewelry. It has been discovered in laboratory experiments that heating can enhance the color of Tanzanite Gemstone for Sale. 

We gained recognition amongst the leading Manufacturer, Suppliers, Exporter and Wholesaler of a wide range of Semi Precious Stones. We process these stones in accordance with the high quality standards utilizing modern machines and latest technology. We are offering these stones in plethora of weights, shaped, sizes and designs as per client's specific requirements. 

Tanzanite Gemstone: Place of Origin

The name Tanzanite itself reveals that it is found in a place in Tanzania called Merelani hills near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It also reflects that it is only found in the northern part of Tanzania and limited to the mines in that area making it as rare as diamonds.

Hues of Natural Tanzanite Stone

Tanzanite Stone is found in a wide range of colors ranging from blue, violet and purple. It is also available in a variety of colors like yellow, grey, green, brown, violet, blue and pink. It is interesting to know that the blue color of this gemstone is caused by Vanadium when heated with the zoisite mineral. It also comes in different tones of blue. The darker shade of blue is costlier as compared to the lighter shade. However, the most preferred color of Tanzanite Gemstone is a vivid blue, purplish-blue and violetish blue.

Styling Tanzanite Gemstone

Natural Tanzanite Stone can be styled with other gems like diamond or Sapphires, it also complements well with other metals like silver, rose gold, platinum. Following are a few ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd and be a conversation starter:

1. Tanzanite Necklace- Try out an empowering range of Tanzanite neckwear with an off-shoulder outfit that leaves your neck open. Flaunt your necklace highlighting the delicate features of the stone and you would be ready to awe everyone.
2. Tanzanite Earrings- Style your outfit with the Tanzanite earrings to give that great finishing look. While simple and elegant design goes well with formal outfits, pick up minimalist stud earrings for a casual outfit. 
3. Tanzanite Rings- Compliment your outfit with a Tanzanite ring. It is perfect for any occasion like engagement, or formal parties etc.
4. Tanzanite Bracelets- Give yourself a stand-alone look, choose from a vivid range of Tanzanite bracelets. It goes perfect with every outfit preferably with the short-sleeves to give a sharp look.

Choosing the right shade of Tanzanite Jewellery along with the outfit is significant. A light shade of violet and blue goes with all outfits. Combine the intense blue with grey, black, and pale colored outfits. You can add your piece of art that suits you when blending it with the outfits in your wardrobe.

Significance of Tanzanite Stone

Tanzanite is considered to be a stone of transformation. It helps in dissolving the disease of different patterns. Following are the benefits of Tanzanite-

1. It enables a person to be optimistic and helps in moving forward to being inspirational.
2. It gives a clear direction by allowing to manifest the powers in a great manner.
3. It is useful in the treatment of disorders of the eyes and ears.
4. It helps in speedy recovery after a prolonged illness.
5. It boosts the immune system by detoxifying and regenerating cells and tissues.
6. It helps in the healing of spine-related problems and keeps the reproductive system healthy.
7. It clears the throat and lungs and also alleviates skin disorders.