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Splendid Ruby Necklace Sets Online

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Buy Designer Ruby Necklace Sets Online - Chordia Jewels

Wearing gemstones has been gaining popularity with time because of new designs and styles which attracts jewellery enthusiasts. Jewellery is viewed as a fashion accessory to complete an outfit and you can indulge in some jewellery pieces to simply adore themselves. One can look under dressed or dull when the jewelry is not matching the outfit. Jewellery designers have been coming up with newer fashion trends by including gemstones such as pearl, ruby, amber, rose quartz, emerald, opal, moonstone, fluorite, spinel, and topaz in their designs.

Amongst all gemstones, Ruby is undoubtedly one of the beautiful gemstones. It is noteworthy that the gemstone market grew at an annual growth rate of 5.6 percent from 2017 to 2021. Wearing rubies is never out of trend so designers have been making and then supplying contemporary designs in the market to provide endless options. Ruby necklaces can be easily matched with any trendy outfits but it totally depends on the occasion on which one is wearing it. Recent designers make edge-cutting stylish necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets. When you are talking about the ruby necklace in particular, you will notice that it is the most preferred by people because of ruby’s naturally radiant nature.           

Exclusive Ruby Necklace Designs for All Occasions

Many of us are always looking for ways to look best with minimum effort. In addition to this, wedding days in India are incomplete without red. Ruby necklace are always on top of the charts when one wants to incorporate red jewellery. Ruby necklaces are designed in different cuttings such as Asscher, princess, cushion, and radiant where pearl, oval, marquise, and round shaped rubies are used. They can look great when worn on ceremonies, anniversaries, award functions, and religious milestones. They are sure to be the star during festivals, weddings, engagement and many more. Ruby necklace would look better with clothes of red, golden, blue, pink and yellow colours.

There are plenty of designs available in ruby necklaces such as-

  1. Rubies embedded in a cluster pendant.
  2. Diamonds and rubies in a 3 set pendant make for a lovely ruby necklace.
  3. A diamond halo surrounding a well-cut ruby to make a spectacular pendant.
  4. A simple heart with a ruby dot.
  5. A line of diamonds with a ruby set in the middle is an evergreen ruby necklace.

Dress Combination with Ruby Necklace Sets

Women can combine a cocktail dress with any of the ruby necklaces for an elegant look. Rubies can be noticed when you wear contrast colours or black and white. Another combination of dress will be an off-shoulder cocktail dress with the V collared with a ruby pendant that has a diamond halo. Black strapless fancy evening floor length dress will look great with any ruby necklace.


It can be said that ruby gemstones are suitable for a couple of occasions. Ruby necklace might lose its charm when you pair it with a red dress. However, wearing contrasting colours will definitely improve the glamour of this gemstone. The best colours to pair a ruby necklace with are white, mango yellow, golden, and black. These will look good with any statement ruby necklace.


It is trending to wear gemstones in the form of ruby necklaces on wedding days. White fancy dress on the wedding day with a ruby necklace will look absolutely stunning.

Prom event-

While partying with friends in the evenings, you can think of styling it with chic and casual dresses. Make your look memorable by adding matching earrings and not overdoing the accessories.


Ruby can easily match with any casual outfit. If you are just heading to a house party or going to an intimate event, you can think of choosing a simple chain with a ruby pendant. Purchase stylish ruby necklaces and chokers and wear with absolute confidence and grace to get attention in the party. A ruby necklace can be a great accessory no matter what the occasion is.

One`s choice is the reflection of their personality and choose something that says more about what you. A ruby necklace is a timeless piece and can bind the outfit together.