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Blue Sapphire

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Blue Sapphire Gemstone Dealers in Jaipur (India)

Blue Sapphire is a very prominent gemstone that acts very quickly. This is especially useful for those people who are going through tough times in life. The other names of blue sapphires are Neelamani, Neela Pukhraj, Indra Neel, Indra Neelam, Neelam stone, etc. Being one of the leading Gemstone Wholesale Dealers in Jaipur (India), we have sold our products. Our reach is not only limited to India but also to people all over the world. We keep the latest trends in mind to provide the best cuts and quality in our store range. 

Blue Sapphire Stone Formation

Sapphires are formed when the igneous rocks are transformed. When the magma cools, large crystals of minerals are formed. Blue Sapphire Stone is formed when titanium is present inside the corundum rock. Corundum rock is found in igneous rock.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam Stone) Origin 

Natural Blue Sapphires are found in places like India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nigeria, Madagascar, Australia and Montana. Sapphires are formed when the rocks are subjected to intense heat and pressure inside the earth’s surface. When the earth’s surface is washed away by river and water streams, it reveals the deposits of sapphire. That’s why after a long period of washing away makes the Neelam Stone more accessible to us.

Benefits of Natural Blue Sapphire Stone

Genuine Blue Sapphire Stone is believed to provide the following benefits to the wearer-

  • It is believed to have healing properties. It is known to heal arthritis, joint pain and gout, and neurological disorders. It calms the mind and gives peace to the people who are suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • It increases the patience in a person, inculcating discipline which helps the person to stay focused and disciplined which in turn gives the progressive result to those who wear them.
  • It leads you to success in the areas of your profession whether it is a job or business. Your career is going to flourish.
  • It helps in managing your finances and blesses you with more wealth.
  • It makes you popular by enabling your talent, skills and hard work known to the influential communities which brings fame and fortune to you.
  • It can remove fear and negativity from the one who is wearing it.
  • It also relieves headache and sinus. It increases the vision health of the person wearing it.

Different Types of Blue Sapphire Hues

As the name itself reveals the primary hue is blue which is also known as a clear blue. Apart from that it also has secondary hues which are green, violet and purple. Among the most wanted colors is the Kashmiri Sapphires because they are known to be the finest variants of the color blue. Along with having a true blue color, they also have a silky texture and are the rarest of the gemstone.

Some of the different variants of Blue Sapphire are:-

  • Kashmiri Sapphires-These are the finest sapphire and also the oldest blue sapphire. These have a texture like silky and are rarely found.
  • Cornflower Blue Sapphires- These are found in a lighter hue resembling the color of a cornflower and hence the name cornflower blue sapphire. These are in high demand.
  • Royal Blue Sapphire- These are considered as the best quality which is found in colors that varies from medium-deep blue to strong dark blue color. These are transparent and have not undergone any treatment. These are used for jewellery purpose as well as astrological purpose.
  • Star Blue Sapphire- These are famous for their patterns which is like a star. They are thought to have astrological powers and so are worn to get the benefits.

How to Wear the Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is to be worn on a Saturday in the middle finger of the left hand. It is suggested to go for a high-quality gemstone with a high carat for maximum benefit. Blue Sapphire Stone can be embedded in gold or silver.