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Exclusive Ruby Pendant Online

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Shop Designer Ruby Pendant Sets Online - Chordia Jewels

The creativity associated with jewelry design has surely taken a hike in recent times. Artisans and jewelry designers have outdone themselves in keeping up with the latest trends, predicting new and upcoming fashion styles, and ensuring that the varied taste that the women of today display are being catered to. The combination of different gemstones in the different categories of jewelry like – pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc has given them a lot to explore. Consider a ruby pendant, in particular, there is so much that a designer can do with this gemstone in this form of jewelry!

Buy Trendy Ruby Pendant for Women - Underrated Accessory –

Most of us wish to look our best with the minimum effort! A pendant will help you get just that. Styles of pendants like a ruby pendant, a plain solitaire, an emerald, etc add an ample amount of glamor to your outfit by helping you stand out from the crowd. Pairing the right pendant with the right kind of outfit will give you that much-deserved oomph factor – and you will not even have to do much! A ruby pendant can be worn with any kind of outfit as it is a good match with not only Indian but also Indo-Western and Western wear.

Style based on the outfits – The different designs of a ruby pendant can be styled according to the outfit you are choosing to wear. While the pendants are highly adaptable and can be easily worn without you having to worry about whether or not they will match, here are a few basic styling options that you can refer to, in case you need a readymade guide

  • Natural Solitaire Round Cut Twisted Pendant – Perfect for Western outfits that have a V-neck to flaunt the exclusivity of this design, this pendant can be worn with shirts, gowns, fancy tops, etc. Wearing an outfit with a contrasting color will work wonders in helping this stone stand out.
  • Round Cut Halo Pendant – This ruby pendant can be considered one of the most adaptable designs that can be worn without limitations with any outfit. Enjoy the glam added to your look with this pendant as it is enough to steal the show. Not only is this pendant made with one of the best gemstones, but it is also made with 14k gold which adds to the appeal.
  • Sparkling Ruby and Real Diamond Halo Pendant – If you are in the search for something bright, big, bold, and beautiful, this pendant design will expertly meet your criteria. Enjoy the look and feel of this pendant as it rests comfortably on you. Wear it with V-necks or round necks, the white and red contrast will stand out against any style. Perfect for occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, or a milestone birthday, this pendant will steal your heart.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Ruby Pendant 

While it is one of the most appealing forms of jewelry that you may find tough to keep your hands off, there are a few things that you can consider before you purchase them

  • Occasion – Are you looking to buy the pendant to wear daily, or is there a specific event or outfit you need jewelry for? This question will help you narrow down the final design. Daily wear pendants need not be as fancy as the ones needed to wear specifically for celebrations.
  • Recipient – If you are gifting a ruby pendant to a loved one, consider their choices and preferences. Is it for someone who loves big and bright jewelry items or is it a person who believes in minimalism?
  • Budget – Your budget will be one of the most important factors that might influence the decision. Choosing the metal, the addition of diamonds in the design, the size, etc will all be based on the amount you have set aside for the pendant.
  • Carat – The authenticity and price of jewelry will depend on the carats. Select from the different carat weights offered from the assortment of pendant options that you have at your disposal.

Your jewelry choices are a reflection of you. Your ruby pendant, too, will speak a lot about you. Be the persona of grace, elegance, and style with this choice of jewelry.

1. How Many Types of Ruby Pendants Can we Wear?

You can wear any type of ruby pendant you want. If you are looking for the best ruby pendants you can wear on special occasions; we recommend getting a ruby pendant also featuring an aquamarine gemstone. Else ruby pendants featuring a halo design, a three-stone twisted design, and a criss-cross design can also be considered.

2. Explain the Various Benefits of the Ruby Pendant.

If you believe in astrology, you can buy a ruby pendant because of the various benefits it is often associated with. According to eminent astrologers, ruby is an excellent gemstone that can help you gain mental strength, improve paternal relationships, ward off evil, improve health conditions, and increase marital harmony.

3. Can Ruby be Worn as a Pendant?

Yes, ruby can be worn as a pendant. Ruby is a versatile gemstone that looks stellar in any type of jewellery. If you like wearing pendants, getting a ruby pendant can make you stand out on all occasions. Look for a ruby pendant featuring a distinct and eye-catchy design. A ruby halo pendant is a classic choice you can never go wrong with.

4. Which Ruby Pendant is Best for an Engagement Gift?

It would depend on the wearer’s preference and liking, but you can pick classic ruby pendant designs to ensure the recipient loves this engagement gift. A round-cut ruby 14k gold halo pendant, an eternity design 14k solid gold ruby dangling pendant, and a delicate 14k gold ruby dainty pendant with G-H diamond are some options you can consider.

5. What Does a Ruby Symbolize?

Ruby is a symbol of love and commitment. Ancient cultures valued ruby because they believed ruby held the power of life because of its color association with blood. Many consider ruby a powerful gemstone that can help people from misfortune and illness. It was even believed to be an effective remedy against inflammation and bleeding and was used to increase body warmth.