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Pink Sapphire

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Pink Sapphire Wholesale Gemstone Supplier

The present trend has made Natural Gemstones a hot cake with Jewelry Manufacturers in India (Jaipur) that's why we are providing various Precious and Semi semi-precious gemstones at Chordia Jewels. And Pink Sapphires is one of the popular gemstones belonging to the exquisite and premium Sapphire family, is one of the most famous gemstones all across the world. Though typically believed to be Blue, sapphires are now also found in attractive colors like orange, purple, pink, yellow, and others. Out of all available colors, Pink Sapphires Stone has a massive fetish amongst wearers. These stones belong to the corundum clan of minerals and that is from where they derive these shades. Owing to the mesmerizing deep pink hue Pink Sapphires are a hot favorite for jewelry lovers. And because of its hardness, it is widely accepted in industries like electronics, watches, LEDs, and other insulator building industries. 

Natural Pink Sapphire: Origin and Characteristics

Pink Sapphire Gemstones are found both naturally in form of buried deposits and also developed in labs. Natural deposits are found in various parts of the world ranging from Australia, United States to India, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Russia, and Cambodia among others. The naturally occurring uncut diamonds are preferred for jewelry making whereas, lab-grown crystals are used for other industrial uses. The mined stones are eventually subjected to heat treatments to enhance their color and clarity according to market requirements. Untreated stones are very rare to find and can come immensely costly. 

Ruby vs Pink Sapphire

It is practically impossible for a newbie to be able to differentiate between Natural Pink Sapphires and Rubies given their almost same colors. Both the stones have color shades like dark magenta, deeper pink, light pink, and also purplish shades. And this because of the chromium content. Both have corundum traces but the more the corundum content, the darker the color red. And the stone is then classified to be a Ruby. On the other hand, crystals with lower corundum that are more pinkish are treated as pink sapphires. This is not a well-written agreement but a more common parlance theory. 

Styling Pink Sapphire Gemstone

  • It won’t be wrong to assume one color that drives women crazy and draws the attention of all young men too is Pink. It is the craze of the range of its shades that Pink Sapphires are largely used in designing ornaments. 
  • Light Pink Sapphire stones when created into rings with silver ooze elegance and class like no other.
  • Another shade of Purplish Pink Sapphire makes a super bold and powerful statement when kept in an uncut form and worn as a single stone gold pendant.
  • If looking for a pair of magnificent yet graceful studded earrings, the best choice would be to opt for a pink-orange shade of sapphire that gleams beautifully through the day and the night. 
  • If larger-sized stones are too pricey and beyond budget, opt for smaller-sized stones and pair them up with other stones like diamonds, pearls, or beads of any color.
  • All around the globe, a major rise has been seen in the demand for Genuine Pink Sapphires as engagement rings, only second to Blue Sapphires. 

Pink Sapphire Stone Benefits

  • It is strongly believed that wearing Pink Sapphires brings fame and prosperity for the wearer.
  • It also works wonders for people who are looking out for some intense love and can help attract the best match. I
  • Pink Sapphire Stones bring along fortune, prosperity, and immense positivity.
  • The aura of the Pink Sapphire is very strong and is often related to loyalty, passion, and faith.
  • In many a culture, the softness and subtlety of the shade are also believed to bring people out of depressive mental conditions. 
  • Additionally, it can also relieve the wearer of aggressive moods, bad temperaments, and keeping anger issues in control. Having said all that, Pink Sapphires work wonders on both mental and emotional well-being of the wearer.