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Swiss Blue Topaz

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Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone Manufacturer in Jaipur 

There are a huge number of Gemstone Wholesale Dealers and Manufacturers across the World, But Chordia Jewels is one of the best Suppliers in Gemstone Industry which provides Natural Precious and Semi Precious Gemstone at affordable prices. Here, we are discussing Swiss Blue Topaz Semi Precious Gemstone which is a more trendy stone nowadays.

Amongst all the different colored stones belonging to the Topaz family, the most adored and sought-after stone is the light blue Swiss Blue Topaz. With the transcendental beauty, vitreous luster, and some supremely powerful qualities, this stone has been ruling the world for many years now. Blue Gemstones in the Topaz family range from very light and pale blue shades to darker and deeper hues. Thereby creating two variants namely, the Swiss Blue and the London Blue Topaz. The lighter blue stone with less saturation is the Swiss Blue whereas the dark stones with more dense saturation are the London Blue stones. These stones are widely used for their durability, strength, and attractiveness from a price point of view. 

Swiss Blue Topaz Stone: History, Features, and Production

As per historians globally, Topaz Stones are prehistoric in their existence. They have a special mention in the Bible and first were found in yellow and brownish-orange shades. The Blue Topaz stones were found much later. The name Topaz some believe to have been derived from an Egyptian island in and around the Red Sea while the others are of the opinion that it is coined from the Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’ that denotes ‘Fire’. There is another theory that traces the name to having Greek origin. 

Blue Topaz Stones are so much admired across all countries and cultures around the globe, only second to exquisite diamonds and magnificent sapphires. Ever wondered why? That’s because these stones stand at par with the sturdiness and strength of diamonds and sapphires. Also, they are way more affordable in comparison to their counterparts. Indeed it makes for the best-in-class alternative for those seeking to benefit from the Blue Topaz crystals. 

Like all other stones, Swiss Blue Topaz Stones can be found both naturally and can also be synthetically. The naturally occurring deposits are found in igneous and metamorphic rocks in and around Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, and the USA. The lab-grown stone crystals are derived by treating the colorless topaz stones by subjecting them to high-intensity radiation. The more intense the color, the more valuable the stone becomes. Also, the color is largely dependent on the proportion of water or fluorine content in the crystals. Consequently, it is advised to keep these stones carefully away from strong sun rays as it might result in color and property change. 

Styling Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone

Jewelry lovers everywhere are in absolute awe of the mesmerizing color, the natural cuts, and the attractive prices of Swiss Blue Topaz stone crystals. Also since the naturally occurring colorless topaz that can be turned into specific blue colors are abundant, jewelry designers rely on these crystals heavily. Rather the Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone is regarded as the perfect gift for marking the fourth anniversary among couples. Also, it is assumed to work miraculously for those seeking some love and companionship in life, and hence fondly referred to as the ‘lovers’ stone’. It is increasingly becoming a popular choice for Engagement Rings, statement pendants, and also earrings coupled with diamonds or pearls.

Advantages of Adorning Swiss Blue Topaz

The benefits of wearing Swiss Blue Topaz are numerous and wide on the physical, mental, and financial health of the wearer. 

  • Swiss Blue Topaz stones are suggested to be worn by those suffering from severe throat issues, hormonal imbalances, and digestion-related ailments. It is known to stimulate the nervous system, thereby generating energy and vigor in the body.
  • As far as mental health is concerned, Swiss Blue crystals facilitate healing, combating negative thoughts, and bringing about positivity. 
  • It brings along good health, self-reliance, improved self-image, clear communication, and more prosperity at home. 
  • Hence, it is advisable for those people who are seeking to gain emotional and meta-physical calmness and stability in life.