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5 Classic Ruby Ring Designs That Will Always Be on Trend

5 Classic Ruby Ring Designs That Will Always Be on Trend

The fiery ruby with its charm and energizing character is known as ‘king of the gemstones’. They are a variety of the mineral corundum with colors ranging from pink to their coveted deep red, which is determined by the levels of chromium in the stone. Rubies are known to be the second hardest gemstone so it’s no surprise why rubies are so brilliant and are ideal for use in everyday jewelry. 

Along with love, Ruby is a representative of passion, power, and wisdom. They can transform any jewelry piece into a classic, universal statement accessory and could be worn on all occasions. Ruby rings are one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry anyone can adorn to make a bold statement. Since durability isn’t an issue, rubies will hold up well in any kind of ring setting. Browse through a list of classic and stunning Ruby ring designs that are stylish and popular for now and always. 

Classic solitaire ring – 

A solitaire setting is simple and elegant, featuring a band and one single center stone. This design is the oldest and most traditional design choice that is designed to show off the center precious stone exclusively. Rubies with their fiery red hues showcased in a Solitaire Ring are timeless, spanning every era and surpassing all trends.

 Classic solitaire ring



Trilogy ring–  

Anyone will enjoy the beauty of clean lines and elegant styling of a breathtaking three-stone ring that represents the past, present, and future. This is an attractive design with a single Ruby stone at the center and small diamond stones that continue on the two shoulder bands to enrich the overall look of the ring. The side-stones dutifully accentuate the center stone, elevating its glamour quotient. A variety of designs exist with varying shapes, sizes, and combinations of stones.

Cluster ring – 

A style that dates back to Georgian fashion, a ring such as this is a daily inspiration and has a precious mystique that defines timeless beauty. A cluster ring uses a frame of larger gems, where each individual stone is distinguishable. Vibrant red Rubies are stunning center stones and you can add diamonds for the ultimate dazzling ring and you’ll be with the trend whatever the season.

Halo ring – 

A Halo Ruby ring is a real statement piece with an inimitable style that has the Ruby holding the center stage between a halo of shimmering diamonds. This ring celebrates the use of color with the deep red Ruby set in the center through the striking diamonds and yellow gold.

Halo ring


Eternity ring –  

The ring has a traditional design where an endless row of same size stones is beautifully held in prong or claw settings. Half-eternity bands are also great options where the Rubies adorn the top of the ring and the base remains blank, which will see normal wear over the years. The combination of the eye-catching color of rubies with the captivating diamonds makes a Ruby and Diamond eternity ring an epitome of class. 

Gemstone jewelry has always played a crucial role in defining a person’s style statement. These ravishing red color Ruby rings are an excellent choice for people who like a pop of color. The gorgeous red Precious Stones are perfect for everyday wear or as a “never-take-off-rings”. At Chordia, you can get these wonderfully versatile rings created from the brilliant choice of glamorous red Ruby stones and express yourself in color and elegance.

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