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A Guide to bezel Setting in earrings: Crafting Perfection

A Guide to bezel Setting in earrings: Crafting Perfection

 A Bezel setting is one of the most stylish ways to make a statement with a premium metal, which seeks the attention of many people

What is Bezel Setting in Earrings?

Simply, a bezel refers to a thin, solid metal band that surrounds the Gemstone. The concept of bezel is to keep much of the gemstone displayed in the light which keeps the bezel earrings a very popular jewellery piece throughout the years.

What Is a Half Bezel Setting Earrings?

A half-bezel set earring is one that does not wrap all the way around the gemstone. This is an amazing choice for those who want a modern & sleek look of the bezel setting, without blocking the gemstone too much from the light.

Does Bezel Setting Earrings Make a Gem Look Larger?

The bezel set earrings make the gemstone look a little smaller in size as the edges of the gemstone are attached by the bezel, and it is shown a little less.

Is Bezel Setting Earrings Secure?

Yes, the bezel setting makes the gemstone secure to an extent and that’s enough reason to go for bezel-set earrings if you’re worried about a valuable gem. A full-bezel setting is comparatively more secure than a half-bezel one.

Is a Bezel Setting Earrings More Expensive?

The answer is Yes. In the bezel Setting more metal is used as it is required to fit the exact shape of the gemstone which needs a higher level of skill than a classic prong setting.

The cost of any perfect jewellery piece basically depends on the time that a jeweller invests in designing & the expertise required by that jewellery piece. That’s why it’s very important to consider the jeweler properly.

The jeweller requires a lot of hard work to create a perfect bezel set of diamond studs so that a unique shape and distinctive look can be achieved. And crafting the best bezel-setting earrings is possible but they will come at a premium cost only.

Do the Bezel Setting Earrings Have to be Plain?

Not at all, some bezel stud earrings require complex metalwork which features scalloping, beading, or designs inspired by many natural shapes.

To this setting style, decorative bezels can add more of a vintage look along with versatility. But such designs take comparatively much time to craft as these designs are much more amazing & attractive to impress you in just one go.

So, Why Choose a Bezel Setting Earrings?

The bezel set stud earrings are perfect to go for as they showcase a style statement and a strong impact as well. It offers a sleek, new, and modern way to showcase a pretty gemstone. Along with that, these earrings make a huge impact out of the valuable metals you opt to involve within the design.

Also, choosing bezel setting earrings is truly practical as it gives a huge amount of security for your gemstone. If your partner has an active lifestyle or job then the bezel-setting earrings could be the ideal choice to surprise her in terms of beauty & security. While the earrings that have prongs & exposed edges will sometimes snatch your clothes, if we talk about the bezel setting earrings then they give a more ‘streamlined’ shape due to which they won’t catch on the clothes so easily.


This jewellery set is known to be the most versatile setting as it offers something unique to every gemstone cut it’s used on. This setting can bring out the geometrics step cuts incredibly such as the Asscher, Emerald,  and Radiant, which compliments those parallel lines with the bold golden or platinum lines of the bezels themselves. However, it can also feature the beauty of any different shape of a fancy cut such as a round cut diamond, or a Heart.

We can also say that bezel-set diamond earrings can bring something attractive to every gemstone it’s used on. It’s modern, and it’s different, but this setting doesn’t stray too far from the more classic designs, or work against the simple beauty of a well-cut gemstone.

We would highly recommend you to go through the Chordia Jewels collection to get the best bezel set earrings designed in premium quality & crafted with the proper expertise.


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