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Buy Online Affordable Aquamarine Earrings

Buy Online Affordable Aquamarine Earrings

Known as a gem of eternal youth, aquamarine is a precious jewel cherished by the jewelers’ community. Its beautiful hues ranging from pale blue to teal and others have always captivated people and made them adore the gem for its beauty. If you’re looking for Aquamarine Jewelry, you can find various pretty designs at varying price ranges at popular jewelry retailers like Chordia Jewels.

The prevailing trends often influence the designs, so you can easily find something that matches your personality and aligns perfectly with the modern trends. To save your time searching for the best yet Affordable Aquamarine Earrings, we’ve shortlisted the below aquamarine earring styles that you should consider buying for that “perfect” look.

Aquamarine Halo Earrings 

Halo Earrings are known for their distinct design, where the main highlight is given to the center gemstone. If you’re looking for a classic earring that is perfect for both formal and informal events, go ahead with a brilliant-cut diamond halo earring with a round-cut aquamarine.

You get the option to choose this earring made in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, so pick the metal that best fits your checklist. Lovers of Statement Jewelry should not miss this aquamarine earring. 

Aquamarine Stud Earrings

Studs are an absolute favorite of many women, as it ideal for every type of event and attire. If you’re someone who prefers classic earring designs, you should look for Aquamarine Stud Earrings in a solitaire setting. If you could find such earrings made using rose gold metal, you should purchase them right away. Aquamarine stud earrings look stunningly beautiful and help accentuate your attire.

Aquamarine Lever Back Hoop Earrings

If you already own stud and halo earrings in your jewelry box, you can consider adding an Aquamarine Lever Back Hoop Earring to your collection. Such earrings come with a lever back closing mechanism, and the main focus is given to the gemstone. You should search for a lever back hoop earring where the aquamarine gem has an oval cut and is surrounded by delicate modern detailing work. Such earrings crafted using white gold look amazing. Surprisingly, aquamarine lever back hoop earrings are mostly affordable. Just make sure to buy it from a well-known jewelry brand for maximum convenience and satisfaction.

Aquamarine Prong-set Studs

You don’t mandatorily need thousands of dollars to own a piece of royalty, and an aquamarine prong stud set proves that. A popular aquamarine earring style is the prong-set stud, where the gem is placed securely in a prong setting, and the earring is crafted in 100% original 14k gold. The aquamarine gem can be cut in oval, round, square, or any other shape of your choice. These earrings look stunningly beautiful and are perfect for date nights or a casual meet with your loved ones. The best part of prong-set studs is they can be customized depending on your personalization request.

Besides the popular yet affordable aquamarine earring styles discussed above, you can also look for aquamarine earrings with fish hook ear wire or a natural solitaire aquamarine stud earring. When it comes to earrings made using aquamarine, the options can be seemingly endless and enough to leave you spoilt for choices. To help shoppers like you, we have highlighted the popular and evergreen Affordable Aquamarine Jewelry styles that are beautiful at the same time. But to ensure you invest in the right aquamarine earring, always shop from a trusted jewelry brand. You can check out Chordia Jewel’s collection for the best aquamarine earring designs, quality, and excellent after-sale customer service.

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