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Buy Tanzanite Jewelry: Shop Blue Tanzanite Jewelry Online

Buy Tanzanite Jewelry: Shop Blue Tanzanite Jewelry Online

Tanzanite, a December month birthstone is slowly making its way into everyone’s jewelry collection, thanks to its piercing bluish violet color that is bound to leave you enthralled. Considered as one of the rarest gemstones, this gorgeous blue beauty exhibits a rare trichromic phenomenon, reflecting the light to display three distinct colors of blue, violet/purple, and brownish-red. Tanzanite is very affordable, and women around the world are not shying away from flaunting this beauty. Presenting you with all the information that you need to know about Best Tanzanite Jewelry and also check out how you can increase your style quotient with this dazzler gemstone.

Tanzanite Jewelry: Origin & History

Tanzanites originated in the Southeast African country Tanzania, and that’s where it derives its name from. It has been found in the foothill of Mt. Kilimanjaro and is relevantly the most recent gemstone to be discovered. Made out of the mineral zoisite, tanzanite is also called “ gemstone of a generation” because it is thought that this gemstone supply would run out in the coming few decades.

Blue Tanzanite Jewelry: Cut, Clarity & Color

The cut of this gemstone determines the color it will reflect when held against a light source, and hence it’s a very important aspect while choosing a Blue Tanzanite Gemstone. There is no ideal cut, however, while choosing the gemstone, look for an even cut so that it can reflect the light uniformly throughout the gemstone. Rely only on reputed jewelers like Chordia Jewels who directly source the gemstone from the mine, and use state-of-the-art machinery, fine craftsmanship, and a team of talented designers to present you with the Finest Tanzanite Jewelry. You can choose between different cuts like heart, princess, round, or even marquise.

The clearer the gemstone, the higher is its beauty and value. Like other gemstones, look out for any inclusions which appear like blemishes on the stone while you are choosing it.

Of all the colors, deep blue with violet hues is the most desirable color for Tanzanite. Typically, large tanzanite gemstones have deeper colors and are thought to be more saturated than the smaller tanzanite stones that are lighter in color. A lot of people prefer the large, dark-colored form of this Semi-Precious Gemstone because it adds a striking look when worn.

Styling Best Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite gemstone’s brilliance increases, when it is set in sterling silver or white gold. It’s the choicest gemstone for a millennial engagement Tanzanite Ring because it symbolizes rarity and breathtaking beauty. Its exciting color makes it a preferred gemstone for earrings and statement necklaces too. Read on to know how you can slay your look with this unique jewel.

  •  Pair tanzanite and diamond-studded necklace with an off-shoulder complete black gown to be a crowd-puller during an evening dinner party.
  • Want to sport this gemstone to work? No problem, team up an alluring tanzanite bracelet with your formal pantsuit or a pencil skirt for a classy yet I-mean-serious-business look.
  • For those flirty casual dinner dates, wear dangling tanzanite earrings with a nice white flowy dress.
  • Wear a tanzanite cocktail ring along with a traditional kurta set to catch the envious eyes of the on-lookers.

    Buying Best Tanzanite Jewelry online from trusted jewelers like Chordial jewels has several benefits, like a plethora of designs to explore, offers that can help you save on costs, and a guarantee of superior quality fine jewelry. So go ahead and indulge yourself!

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