Chordia Jewels: The Best Deals on Precious Stones

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Chordia Jewels: The Best Deals on Precious Stones

If you love precious and semi-precious jewelry, Chordia Jewels, a gemstone dealer in Jaipur is a one-stop solution for you. The beauty of their unique design is their mind-to-machine concept where the designs they ideate are supported by cutting-edge technology with the latest machines and skilled craftsmen to bring it to reality. Being one of the renowned gemstone wholesale suppliers in India, Chordia Jewels offers every kind of high-quality gemstone jewelry product in varied sizes, shapes, and designs. This includes gemstone jewelry in the form of engagement rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and other diamond jewelry products. Being one of the leaders of the gemstone wholesale market in Jaipur, here are some interesting features about their brand that makes them stand out in the competitive Jaipur gemstone wholesale market.

About Chordia Jewels

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Chordia Jewels are one of the prime gemstone suppliers who offer their customers top-notch quality gemstone jewelry products to instill trust and confidence with their 100% genuine jewelry. To strive to be their jeweler for life, they offer a variety of high-quality gemstones like sapphire, tourmaline, tanzanite, aquamarine, amethyst, garnet, topaz, etc., in contemporary designs at a highly cost-effective price than the other competitors.  

Deals and discounts:

Intending to design the perfect jewelry piece with constant design innovation to make every occasion memorable, Chordia Jewels, being a part of the Jaipur gemstone wholesale market also offers some of their best-selling products at a discounted price on the website. They also have special discounts and deals being offered on occasions like Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and many others events.


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The gemstone trend is such that it has not changed and will not alter in a long time. The timelessness of this jewelry is such that people wish to invest and pass it on to the next generation and that’s how your legacy will be remembered. Since every single piece of jewelry speaks more than its design and holds a certain value, thus, personalization is an ongoing trend that has been doing the rounds and has caught many eyeballs. Being the premium jewelry provider of the gemstone wholesale market in Jaipur, you can bring your design and their cooperative and skilled craftsmen of Chordia Jewels will help you in making your design from your mind to reality.


Shipping and delivery

Being a supplier of gemstone wholesale in India, Chordia Jewels ensures to provide a smooth and hassle-free shipping and delivery experience with the help of renowned logistic partners. They ensure that every client receives their desired jewelry piece in the mentioned timeline without any delays. Thus, one can easily check the shipping time mentioned on the website for gemstone and non-diamond fine jewelry before placing the order. For a seamless shopping experience, the brand also provides a 15-day free easy return facility.

Product certification

Each coveted piece is truly handmade and goes through various quality checks before delivering to the end user. To make the customer feel 100% secure, and genuine about the product that they are investing in, the gemstone dealer in Jaipur, Chordia Jewels provides IGI certification with every jewelry item. 

Safety and Security

The data collected by the brand from each customer is protected against any identity risk or fraud, and other unlawful activities, liabilities, and claims. You can easily make transactions through the website via debit and credit card, or net banking. They ensure that the transaction and the payment details are 100% protected through PayPal.  Being the gemstone wholesale supplier in India, Chordia Jewels also provides transit insurance on all parcels above 500 USD with no further additional cost. With an additional cost of $10, others can also easily avail the transit insurance. 

How to reach them

gemstone supplier understands the real value of the right jewelry in a wide variety of products for a diverse customer base. It is not just a piece of jewelry that they want to purchase, a whole lot of emotions are attached to the stone jewelry during the buying process. Thus, they are always available to hear about your queries, for any bulk inquiry or customization through various platforms. You can write an email, or direct message them on their social media handle, you can chat with the sales assistant, or drop them a message on WhatsApp/Telegram through the options available on their website.

To make it convenient for customers across the globe, sales assistance is offered in multiple languages like English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and German for the right sales service.

All in all, in the gemstone wholesale India market, Chordia Jewels is one such gemstone supplier for whom jewelry quality is the top-most priority, and with their tradition to provide a trust-based and high-standards shopping experience at fair price, the brand is experiencing approximately 70% client repetition ratio with multiple attractive customer reviews.

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