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Gold Gemstone Rush: Top Picks For Your Anniversary

Immortal love is the stuff of dreams and once you find the right one for you, it is better than a dream. The comfort of having someone to hold and cherish should be celebrated as often as possible, especially on anniversaries. Your partner in the highs and lows of life should be appreciated and that means being there for them throughout the year and making an effort on the day you decided to spend your life together. Small gestures and thoughtful gifts are always more welcome than bigger things.

Every anniversary year has a Gemstone or a Precious metal assigned to it. For example, gold is the traditional gift on the first anniversary, whereas on the 20th-anniversary emeralds are gifted. Emerald Gemstones are green-colored precious stones that are rare and beautiful. These are hard to find and have a high value in the gemstone market. These green beauties are the perfect gift to make your spouse happy. One of the notable things about emerald is that it can look appropriate on a lady’s wrist or a gentleman’s finger. It is versatile and can be used successfully in every piece of jewelry you can imagine.

Let us look at some unconventional emerald gifts that you can give o your better half on your anniversary.

1. Photo frame – A photo frame studded with emeralds looks regal and you have the added advantage of the gift always being on display. You can add your favorite photo and you have the complete package of memories, gifts, and a beautiful memento. A golden frame studded with emeralds spells royalty like nothing else.

2. Rings – Personalized gifts are the best way to say that you care for your spouse. It shows that you remember the important things. Also, personalization generally does not happen over the counter, so it also shows you have put a lot of thought into the gift you have chosen. You can get the Emerald Ring inscribed or you can buy a pair to match with your spouse. A square cut with a broad metal band can look great as well.

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3. Cufflinks – For someone who wears dress shirts regularly, emerald cufflinks are a great idea. However, it is best to go with silver or white gold when you are planning to gift cufflinks rather than gold. Gold may clash with the colors of the suit or blazer and look too flashy for a formal environment.

4. Pendants - Pendants are easily the best and most adaptable pieces of jewelry. You can adjust the length of the chain or just change the chain complete to alter the impact. From a chunky chain to a delicate one, chains can make all the difference. Emerald Pendants can look gorgeous with a solid color outfit. The deep green color is rarely overpowered by any other color and looks great in a casual or a formal event. Emerald pendants can also be worn daily if you wish to. A heart-shaped locket can also look sweet as well as graceful. You can choose from a variety of Pendants Online at Chordia Jewels.

5. Brooch – Brooches are generally worn as an ornament and add a classy sparkle to your look. They can be used to liven a plain outfit or can be used as an accessory to balance your look. They are also used to accentuate the cuts and styles of clothing. The gifts that you give each other are a reflection of your dedication and commitment to each other and a better future.

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