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How Ruby Earrings Made You a Better Person

How Ruby Earrings Made You a Better Person

Gemstones have been used to create exquisite pieces of jewelry over the ages. The craftmanship of experts like Chordia Jewels brings out the real beauty of gemstones. Ruby is one of the most beautiful and sought-after gemstones in the market. This precious stone is popular all over the world for its appearance and its spiritual properties. Each facet of a ruby shines like the heart of fire. This gemstone has been coveted by people because of its rarity. Ruby is one of the most powerful stones and is said to harness good vibes and positive energy.

Ruby looks great as a pendant, on a ring, or as earrings as well. Let us take a look at how ruby earrings can transform your life.

Ruby earrings can bring out divine creativity

Every person has a creative spark. It is said that one creates and feels closest to a divine entity in that process of creation. You can express creativity in any form and your art need not be tangible. Poems, paintings, dance, and maybe even designing applications are ways of expressing creativity. If you feel like you are stagnant and have a creative block, ruby earrings can clear the block for you and pave the way for ideas. 


Ruby earrings promote energy levels and concentration

Ruby earrings are known to bring vigor to your life and elevate your energy levels. It is because of this, that ruby earrings are not recommended to impulsive people or people who are short-tempered. It drives you to act passionately and can make your emotions stronger. Ruby earrings can improve concentration and allow you to focus on one thing at a time. They are known to lessen fatigue and you will feel upbeat at all times


Self-esteem and intuition

Ruby earrings are known to enhance self-esteem. A heightened sense of self-worth makes you feel secure in your skin and more confident as well. This also means that ruby allows one to take risks and seize opportunities. It suppresses timidity and is said to make one more charismatic. Ruby earrings are known to sharpen intuitive indicators. 

Love and wisdom

The deep red colour of ruby has made it a global symbol of love. This stone has been known to bring luck and love to the wearer. Kings and queens have been adorning ruby earrings for centuries. The historical presence of this gemstone in most love stories has given it more importance. It is said that the vitality of the wearer attracted others to him/her and made the person more desirable. Ruby earrings are said to add to your pool of wisdom. They give you a refreshing perspective and allow you to see situations at hand in a renewed light. These are the reasons that rubies were considered to be vital for successful relationships. They were often gifted in marriages and worn by kings and queens. 

Protection against illnesses and psychological attacks

Ruby earrings are said to give the wearer a clear mind. They allow one to resolve conflicts with a stable mind. Ruby earrings are also known to protect against any psychic or psychological attacks. These were also said to keep away diseases and illnesses. Ruby earrings are said to be protective against intruders, fires, and shields you from nightmares as well. 

Ruby earrings are more than just a pretty piece of jewellery. They make one better at all spheres of life and are said to make the wearer invincible. If not invincible, they surely improve one’s being and consequently the quality of life.


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