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Most Popular Emerald Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

Most Popular Emerald Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

Engagement Rings have always been close to heart; hence, purchasing them requires much thought, consideration, and effort. As more couples are buying diamond rings for their engagement, some couples have decided to go offbeat with their engagement ring selection, and what can be better than an alluring, stylish Emerald Engagement Ring. If you’re trying to make your engagement day extra special by getting your hands on the best engagement ring out there, we suggest surfing through the top emerald engagement ring trends.

If you want to buy an emerald engagement ring you can cherish forever and proudly flaunt in front of your loved ones, go ahead with an Emerald Proposal Ring. We’ve highlighted the most popular emerald engagement ring trends for 2021 below, so you spend your time wisely.

Emerald Rings with a Personal Touch

An emerging trend that is fast gaining popularity among couples is the use of customized rings. Over the years, the acceptance of Personalized Jewelry has reached a new height, and the graph is going to grow in the upcoming years. Instead of picking a pre-made engagement ring, people now want a ring that features their personal attributes or likings in it. If you’re going ahead with an Emerald Ring, you can ask the jewelry retailer to add specific customizations to it, like- engraving the initials of your spouse or the wedding date on the ring band. You can flex your creative muscles and discuss with the retailer if the personalization idea can be seamlessly executed.

Band Style Emerald Rings

If you want to double your engagement ring as an eternal band, you should look for Band-Style Emerald Rings. Band-style emerald engagement rings are gaining more prominence compared to single stone rings. The band can have small-sized gemstones, while the ring center is filled with a big-sized emerald. For a more distinct look, get an emerald ring where the band is made of rose gold instead of the widely used yellow gold. 

Classis Styles Paired with a Modern Twist

After talking to various jewelry retailers, we found that classic designs are making a comeback. Some people want to play safe by sticking to the classic styles, but others are looking to experiment by picking Emerald Rings built in a classic style but with a modern touch. Traditional styles usually include Pretty Emerald Rings where the gem is cut in round, oval, or square shape and is surrounded by small cut diamonds. To add a modern twist to such rings, jewelers are adding a pretty silhouette and exquisite details. 

Heirloom-Inspired Emerald Rings

No matter what ring trends come and go, the popularity of heirloom-inspired emerald rings never fades. While purchasing Engagement Ring, many couples look for a ring that reflects their family traditions and legacy. Vintage rings always manage to make a person nostalgic, so it can be one of the reasons why couples prefer buying an heirloom-inspired ring to cherish their good times and bond over the years. While exploring the Emerald Engagement Ring section, you can ask the retailer to show something with European cuts and unique faceting patterns. Such rings are evergreen, so you can never go wrong with them.

Though most popular emerald ring trends have been discussed above, you can also consider checking out three stone rings made of the same gem. Petite and tiny-sized emerald gems look great together and exude modern yet classic vibes. With so many options, you can quickly find a Stunning Engagement Ring that fits your definition of “perfect” and makes you feel happy. 

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