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Perfect 10 Ruby Promise Ring at Affordable Prices

Perfect 10 Ruby Promise Ring at Affordable Prices

Promise Ring is a symbol of love, devotion, and commitment that would last a lifetime. Though promise rings boast of a promise made between couples, these rings can hold a lot of meanings like a promise of never-ending love, or a promise of trust and companionship. If you are planning to buy a promise ring, remember that simplicity is the beauty of a promise ring.

Promise rings usually have simple designs when compared with your Engagement Ring, with less obvious smaller stones. You don't have to spend a fortune to purchase a beautiful promise ring. At Chordia, we create many fabulous rings at an affordable price with precious gold and less expensive gemstones or small diamonds to lessen the cost.

Ruby, one of the most popular and definitely one of the most beautiful of all gemstones makes a perfect promise ring for a budding romance or a meaningful symbol of a lasting relationship. Ruby Promise Rings signify desire, love, and passion - derived from their beautiful red hue. Next to diamonds, the Ruby has become the most popular stone for promise rings so here we present you with a few brilliant rings that come easy on your pocket. 

Classic Solitaire Ruby Promise Rings for her 


ruby promise ring


Also known as single stone rings, Solitaire Ruby Rings are rings that feature only one statement stone. The Solitaire design is the oldest and most traditional design choice that is designed to show off the center precious stone exclusively. The deep red ruby will catch the eye of admirers everywhere all by itself. If you want to make a trustworthy relationship with your partner you can gift her our Ruby Promise Rings and make a stronger relationship. We are sure that they will love our designs.   

Adorable Heart-shaped Ruby Ring

 A Heart-Shaped Ruby Ring is a perfect way to symbolize your commitment to one another. This shape is considered to be the most romantic of all as it portrays the most beautiful emotion in the whole universe. You can include the heart-shaped styling into the Ruby, the ring design, or include this within the setting.

Infinity knot Ruby Ring for Her

 Ruby Rings


This beautifully simple ring features the infinity symbol that symbolizes the unbreakable ties of love. A dazzling Ruby is set in the center to showcase your eternal love.

Thin Band Stacker Ruby Ring

 ruby ring

One popular choice among couples looking to buy a promise ring is a smaller Ruby ring that is complemented by a thin band. The fiery red glow of a ruby in a gold band will surely light up the days and nights of your significant other with memories you’ve shared together.

Ruby Halo Engagement Ring

 Ruby halo engagement ring

The setting features a glittering Ruby at the center and is surrounded by other sparkling stones. The shimmering star effect of this Ruby Engagement Ring will certainly catch the eye of not only its owner but anyone in their presence. Halos tend to look best when paired with round, princess, or cushion cut center stones.

Three-stone Ruby Ring  (Past-Present-Future)

You can consider buying a three-stone ruby ring that signifies your devotion to her in the past, present, and future. This is the perfect symbolic gift for the person you love.

Stunning Wishbone Ruby Ring

 A wishbone ring is a piece of jewelry featuring a ‘V' shape. This ring is a pretty prelude to an engagement ring. The combination of captivating curves and the eye-catching color of a Ruby Wishbone Ring is the epitome of class. The best idea is to buy a ring that has a special meaning to your relationship and a style that the recipient will love. You can opt for a style that will compliment a future engagement ring and then go on to finish the stack with your wedding ring.

Affordable Promise ring for Her

 ruby rings

A promise ring represents a couple's unique and special love and commitment between them. It's a great option to gift your partner a promise ring for love and admiration. Chordia Jewels provide you with a wonderful collection of affordable promise ring that makes a perfect present for your partner. You can choose a ring feature with tinny diamond stones, it gives a stylish look once worn.

Promise Rings are a lovely token of a promise. Regardless of whether your guarantee is to be valid, to anticipate a future together, or to stay virtuous, Promise rings to assist you with keeping your assertion. Chordia Jewels Promise Rings are specially made only for you in your selection of jewels and valuable metals to impeccably represent your promise. Our wide determination of Ruby Birthstone Jewelry implies you can discover a style that is ideal for you. Our guarantee rings are made in the best materials. Ruby stimulates the beat with its distinctive red shade. 

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