April Birthstone – Diamond

Vivacious, alluring, and astounding are few words to describe the birthstone of April babies – Diamonds.
Captivating the hearts of millions for many years, diamonds are the most prized precious stone around the world. Diamonds symbolize strength, beauty, power, and elegance. Made out of a single element – carbon, diamonds are the toughest gemstone that makes them the most durable of all. The most common occurrence of diamonds is in white, while there are other decorative colors with rare existence are yellow, pink, black, blue, and a few others.

Diamond April Birthstone: Astrological Purpose

Ruled by the Venus planet, diamonds are well-known for their mystic and divine powers. In astrology, the planet Venus is thought to be associated with all the good things in life, opulence, eternal love, and good charm. Hence, diamonds are the most sought-after precious gemstone when it comes to promising an undying love to your partner.
As per Vedic astrologers, sporting diamonds can bring prosperity, luck, and contentment to the life of the individual.
Astrologers often recommend people suffering from anxiety to wear diamonds for it calms the brain, removes overthinking and nervousness from a person. White Diamonds help in removing the creative block from a person’s mind and inspire artists, writers, poets, and painters to do wondrous work in their field.

Healing Properties of April Birthstone

  • Diamonds bring a white light to the wearer's life, strengthening the bond and love in partnership.
  • Diamonds are known to manifest abundance from the universe and drives the forces of nature to accumulate good things in life.
  • Adorning diamonds can clear thoughts and enlighten the wearer, aiding spiritual evolution.
  • Diamonds are known to detoxify the body and balance metabolism.
  • It is also known to relieve brain-related issues like vertigo and unwarranted dizziness.
  • It is also known to build stamina, treat allergies and other chronic illnesses.
  • Yellow diamonds make the wearer thoughtful and kind.
  • Black diamonds are known to give courage to the wearer and break free from self illusions.

Diamond Rings, Earrings, Pendant Necklace Jewelry 

Diamonds are the most versatile gemstones that can be styled in whatever way you want. For centuries now Diamonds have been considered a prized possession and they are a symbol of riches.
Diamonds are durable and strong, making them an ideal choice even for daily use. From incorporating it in your Rings, Diamond Earrings, Pendant, larger-than-life Necklace, or even Bracelet, diamonds enhance the look of the jewelry by many folds.
These days statement diamonds are gaining popularity, and bigger diamonds are a rage for a daily expression. No matter what outfit you wear, scintillating diamonds are enough to make you stand out in the crowd.



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