Aquamarine Rings


Aquamarine Rings

What better way to ring in the first month of spring than with a slice of clear blue sky? Aquamarine jewelry represents peace, serenity, and good fortune. Aquamarine was carried by ancient Greek sailors onboard their ships to guarantee a peaceful voyage at sea – also to prevent them from drowning. It is still a sign of protection today, with many individuals wearing it for good health.

There's a reason why people love the basic pleasures in life more. And it comes in little boxes. The aquamarine ring is a particularly lovely gift for a March birthday. On this note, we've compiled a list of our top 3 Aquamarine Rings that are sure to pique your interest.

Solitaire Aquamarine Ring

The Solitaire Aquamarine Ring is the first addition to our list, and it is sure to fascinate you. When it comes to portraying dedication, feelings, and love, there is no better choice than a solitaire. The spherical aquamarine, prong, or bezel set on a gleaming metal shank, is mesmerizing. This ring exudes subtle elegance and is ideal for those who love a traditional style.

Three Stone Aquamarine Ring

The three-stone ring has the power to tell a story and can carry more and different significance than a typical solitaire. The three stones symbolize "past, present, and future" for many couples who chose this ring. The ring can also represent "friendship, love, and faithfulness."

Halo Aquamarine Ring

Halo rings have been a favorite of numerous celebrities, from Princess Diana to Kate Middleton. Halo rings are the second most popular design of Aquamarine Engagement Ring after solitaire. Halo is the way to go if you're searching for a low-cost choice for your ring that will undoubtedly catch people's attention.

Rings with three stones, halos, and solitaires, especially when coupled with rose gold, are incredibly exquisite. This gold-tone is really beautiful and flatters all skin tones. Chordia Jewel's large collection of spectacular diamonds and other gemstones in stunning shapes, settings, and shank styles is great for the lady you want to get the ring for. Visit to see the stunning assortment of halo and three stone rings.



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