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August Birthstone - Peridot 

Often confused with emeralds, Peridot is a yellowish-green gem of mineral olivine that catches the fancy of many. If ancient stories are to be believed,  it is said that peridot was a gift from Mother Nature to the newly formed world and that’s where it borrows its stunning color from. It is a gem that marks the 16th year of the wedding anniversary.

Peridot August Birthstone: Astrological Purpose:

Astrologers associate the luscious Peridot Gems with enhancing the creative powers and hidden talents of the wearer since it is close to the natural it also improves immunity. This gemstone is well-known to impart emotional strength to the individual wearing it and is ideal for those who are trying to battle with their past. August-born people are also advised by astrologers to wear this Peridot Gemstone to ward off evil eyes and dispel negative vibes from life.
Astrologers regard spinel as an abundance gemstone that helps in multiplying the wearer’s stamina and emotional energy. These were most treasured by the past day's kings and often associated with attracting wealth. For people who are trying to overcome their broken relationship, this August Birthstone comes to their rescue, as it calms tensed minds.

Healing Properties of Peridot Gemstone 

Peridot gems have great healing powers. It helps to overcome nervousness and emotional feelings. These are also known to have a healing impact on the wearer’s liver, gall bladder, and improve adrenaline function.
The “root chakra” is activated by spinel and it heals problems related to it. People suffering from skin, gums, and spine-related ailments will find much respite after wearing this gemstone. 

August Birthstone Jewelry Set Collection 

Peridot Birthstone is a soft gem, and wearing it every day may cause the gem to wear and tear easily. Peridot has a lime green hue, while sometimes it may have a tinge of brown to it. The spectacular color adds a mystic element to your jewelry like no other gemstone. Earrings make a perfect setting of this gemstone along with diamonds, or an Elegant Necklace coupled with pearls to create a mesmerizing look.
Not many people know Spinel and often confuse it with ruby, and that’s only because this gemstone is rare in existence. In contrast to the other August birthstone, this gemstone is very hard and is high in durability. Though it is hard to find large statement pieces of this gemstone, you can have them embedded in Classic Peridot Studs or Green Peridot Rings for an alluring look. 
Chordia Jewels have an awesome assortment of Peridot August Birthstone Jewelry Set that incorporates a wide scope of pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings to suit different occasions. The distinctive gemstone shapes accessible incorporate oval, pear, square, round, and cushion, among others. With regards to the style, we have everything from solitaire, vintage and halo- motivated to infinity, heart, and forever eternity. You'll likewise observe numerous exciting designs embellished with splendid diamond accents. Any piece of adornments from this assortment will be a great present for an August birthday. At Chordia Jewels, you can pick the gemstone quality, carat weight, and the metal of the August birthstone gems according to your inclination. This will assist you with picking something that meets your style necessities and budget.



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