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December Birthstone - Tanzanite, Blue Topaz and Zircon


December-born people are fortunate to call three distinctly attractive gemstones their own - Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Zircon. All these three stones occur in striking colors of blue from a lighter tone to more intense shades.

Blue Topaz: A silicate mineral, the vitreous hues of blue of this semi-precious gemstone are the most loved because of its wizardly look. Women around the world are mesmerized with this gemstones because it is affordable and it evokes a sense of tranquility. The alluring blue topaz has three distinct shades – London blue, Swiss blue, Pale Sky blue based on the saturation levels.


Tanzanite: Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone that was discovered very recently. Tanzanite is quite popular for its violet, blue and purple hues. It has the innate ability to showcase different colors when light falls on it. Tanzanite shares a close resemblance to the blue form of sapphire and makes it an alternative to many.


Zircon: A semi-precious gemstone, zircon occurs in nearly transparent form, shades of pink, orange, green, red, and rarely as other colors. Many a time astrologers recommend substituting diamonds with colorless zircon for healing purposes.


Astrological Purpose:

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz carries an ancient belief of channeling calmer energies in the wearer, thanks to its color that’s associated with the element of sky and water. Interestingly it is thought to have derived its name from a Greek island called “Topazios” that’s located in the Red Sea. This gemstone is as sturdy as diamonds and sapphires and finds several admirers around the world.

A gemstone of romance, blue topaz is gifted to mark the 4th, 19th, and 23rd wedding anniversary.



Tanzanite is known to be associated with three chakras of our body namely – the throat, the crown, and the third eye. Astrologers believe that this dreamy blue stone opens the throat chakra, giving the ability to the wearer to better communicating the wearer's ideas and thoughts. December-born people who would like to become spiritually elevated, this gemstone will work wonders in resonating the wearer with the universe.


Zircon is ruled by the planet Venus, and hence astrologers believe the natural colorless zircon can bring peace to a worried mind, add marital bliss, and reinforce a positive attitude in the wearer.


Healing Properties:


Blue Topaz:

December-born people are advised by astrologers to wear this gemstone to improve their communication skills, confidence and to overcome stage fear.

People suffering from throat infection and indigestion particularly find relief when they start wearing this striking beauty.

This stone is distinctly advantageous to calm the frayed nerves of the wearer and improves the mental balance.


Fondly referred to as a stone of transformation – Tanzanite is well known for its metaphysical healing properties.

Tanzanite is a powerful gemstone that connects the wearer to spiritual well-being and as well as accelerates growth in life.


Vedic practitioners since ancient times have claimed to find Zircon highly effective in curing problems related to the reproductive system and urinary disorders.

It also speedily heals fever and epilepsy.



Blue Topaz:

Millions of people around the world swear by the sturdiness, style, and price of this semi-precious gemstone making it the second-best choice after diamonds to be part of the everyday jewelry collection of women.

From engagement rings, pendants, necklaces to bracelets, all designs can behold this wonder-gem to magically transform a women’s appearance.



Tanzanite styles well with almost all sorts of metals like gold, silver, or even platinum. When coupled with diamonds, tanzanite look even more amazing, making the jewelry piece a stand-out. From simple studs clasping vibrant tanzanite gemstone for a casual look to a bold neckpiece holding large violet-colored tanzanite for wedding functions, you can create whatever look you want. You can also have tanzanite embedded in your hand bracelet for a classy piece that you can wear daily to work.


Zircon is usually worn in silver or platinum especially in the form of a ring to harness its full potential.

The white, colorless Zircon makes an excellent pocket-friendly alternate to diamonds in the world of jewelry. You can add these sparkling stones to your necklace, bracelets, and earrings to slay in style. 



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