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February Birthstone – Amethyst

February-born folks are bestowed with a gorgeous gemstone – Amethyst. Its brilliant deep purple-violet color will leave you mesmerized. Amethyst gemstones occur in nature from light hues of lilac to deep purple color and since ancient times have been known to be an integral part of royal’s rich jewelry collection. Being crystalline Quartz, Amethyst has drawn its name from a Greek word called “amethystos” which means “ prevention of intoxication”.

Amethyst February Birthstone: Astrological Purpose

When February-born people wear Amethyst, this Gemstone helps them to recognize their inner strength and creates empowerment. Since this gemstone is ruled by the planet Uranus, it is associated with awakening two main chakras namely – The Crown Chakra and The Thirds-Eye Charka. It is known to shower its wearer with positive energies and protect the wearer from physiological disturbances.
Known as a lover’s gemstone, Amethyst is gifted to mark the 6th anniversary of the nuptials ties as it re-kindles love, passion, and desire in the wearer.  

Healing Benefits of February Birthstone

Nowadays purple is a very trendy color in all types of fashion. And, if you want to use Purple color as a Birthstone in your Life then February Birthstone Jewelry is here with its healing benefits. 
Amethyst while is an extremely attractive gemstone, it is well-known for its abundant healing properties.
  • Amethyst is often recommended by Ayurvedic medicinal practitioners to cure depression, despair and to overcome sorrow.
  • This incredibly beautiful gemstone calms disturbed minds and heals the wearer hurt from the past.
  • Reiki practitioners often advise February babies to wear Amethyst to regulate hormones and boost immunity.
  • It is believed to improve the digestive system and make your skin appear smoother.
  • Headaches and problems related to endocrine functions can also be rectified by wearing this striking gemstone.

February Birthstone Jewelry: Earrings, Rings, Pendant Necklace

Amethyst is such a beautiful gemstone, your jewelry collection shouldn’t give it a miss. Jewelers love to play with it to create some striking statement pieces. If you want to recreate a piece of ancient-time jewelry, then have this wine-colored Amethyst set in an oversized ring and flaunt it in social gatherings. Stacker Ring fixed with fabulous Amethyst gemstones makes an excellent choice when you want to adorn a modish piece of jewelry.
Do you want to dazzle at a cocktail party? Get yourself the very famous bib-style Necklace with Amethyst gemstones and diamonds embedded in sync that is held with a delicate rope-like gold chain.
For a more minimalistic look, add Amethyst to your gold hoops to match it with any dress!

Look at our Amethyst earrings collection and find a sparkly pair of halo earrings that you will love to wear. Amethyst Halo Earrings are dazzling and elegant with royal purple hues that grab attention. You can pair this earring with gold and silver to give an extra touch. We are sure that you will find a pair of February Birthstone Halo earrings that you want to add to your jewelry collection.   
The ring is one of the jewelry types that enhances your look with its simple beauty. The ring gives you a graceful look. You can wear a ring on all programs whether it's a Weeding, a festival or any other occasion. You can also wear your February birthstone ring daily. You can create a beautiful look by carrying a ring without spending much time on jewelry.  



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