June Birthstones – Pearl & Moonstone

Folks born in the summery month of June are spoilt for choices because there are three distinctly different birthday stones that they can call of their own. You can choose between the stunning varieties of Pearl & Moonstone.

Pearls - These classic beauties grow as tissues inside the freshwater mollusks. As organic gems, pearls represent beauty, purity, and innocence and in modern times it is being cultured or cultivated because of their rare existence in nature.
Moonstone- A well-known gem of the feldspar group of minerals, Moonstone has a pearly translucent glow to them like a moon, and hence they take their name. Apart from being colorless, these also occur in pink and orange too. It is believed that the rarest Moonstone illuminates a soft blue glow.

Astrological Purpose:

Pearls stone harnesses the power of “Chandra”- The moon and astrologers believe that it brings peace, calmness, tranquility, and courage to the wearer. Pearls are known to have no negative effects and it highly benefits people who are struggling with depression, and mental disbalance.
Believed to be the talisman for travelers, Moonstoone brings big fortune to the wearer and helps businessmen grow their business to make additional profits. It is also associated with love, and the wearer experiences the magic of marital bliss in the relationship.

Healing Benefits:
  • Pearls are recommended for children below 12 years who often have health issues. It is thought to calm them down and bring back their good health.
  • Another benefit of adorning pearls is that instills self-confidence, hence public speakers, counselors, therapist, etc… are recommended to wear pearl..
  • Touted as the “ stone of new beginning”, Moonstone is to enhance your inner strength. It also aids in the assimilation of nutrients, improves the digestive system, and balances the female hormonal cycles.


Pearls impart much class in any outfit you wear and these are the universally classic birthstone. From simple studs, attractive necklaces to chunky chokers, pearls are the most versatile as they can be donned in any kind of jewelry. Wear pearl drops to the office to look effortlessly beautiful or rock them with your banarasi sari for a wedding. The choices are limitless with pearls.
Moonstones stand out for their sheen and eye-catching element and are commonly combined with other glittering stones. The cabochon cut is the most preferred one, as it shows its natural optical phenomenon of radiating floating, billowy blue light as the moonstone is turned under the light. Moonstone engagement rings make a stunning alternative for those non-conventional couples who wants something other than the traditional diamond ring to profess their love.



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