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March Birthstone – Aquamarine

People born in March can flaunt this serene, tranquil birthstone – Aquamarine. A name derived from two Latin words – “Aqua” – which means water and “Marina” – that means sea, this gemstone represents the bluish-green color of the sea. These occur in lighter shades to deeper hues, all of them are guaranteed to take your breath away. Darker blue large stones are highly pigmented and valuable too in the world of jewelry. Aquamarine marks the 19th wedding anniversary, and these semi-precious stones look amazing in bolder statement pieces.

Aquamarine March Birthstone: Astrological Purpose

Aquamarine is associated with the planet of self-belief and courage – Saturn. During ancient times the sailors would wear this stunning Aquamarine Gemstone with the belief that it would calm the rough seas and complete their voyage smoothly. Continuing this belief, astrologers even now indorse this gemstone to businessmen who often take foreign trips.
It is also known to deeply impact the wearer’s decision-making abilities and instills self-confidence. Vedic astrologers recommend people with weaker Saturn to wear this Natural March Birthstone to promote financial stability and overcome highly demanding situations at the work front.
Aquamarine also encourages its wearer to be more loyal towards its partner, in turn increasing the love and trust in the relationship.

Healing Benefits of March Birthstone

  • Aquamarine is related to “vishuddha Charka” or “Throat Charka”, and it helps in relieving throat infections in the wearer.
  • Known to cure hormonal disbalance, it makes the individual feel calm and mentally focused while carrying out tasks.
  • It also gives relief related to thyroid-related and pituitary-glad-related issues and reduces gland inflammation.           
  • It also heals the wearer from sinusitis.
  • Individuals wearing aquamarine gemstone will seek relief related to lungs, and respiratory system problems. For people who have public speaking fear, this gemstone works excellently to improve confidence and creates more wisdom.

March Birthstone Jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Pendant Necklace

If you are born in March and don’t know how to style this peaceful semi-precious gemstone, don’t worry we are here to guide you.
  • Embrace this subtle gemstone in the form of beautiful Aquamarine Studs that matches well with any kind of outfit.
  • Setting this dreamy stone along with dazzling diamonds in your white gold ring is also an excellent way to adorn it.
  • Aquamarines, pearls, and diamonds blend beautifully to create a stunning neckpiece that is going to steal the thunder at the next party that you attend. 



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