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Emerald Gemstone Suppliers in Jaipur

Known to be a Precious Gemstone that helps a person to understand their emotional needs, taking care of heart health- Emerald comes in perfect green hue and transparency that makes it the supreme gemstone. If you own an emerald, it is like you are owning a piece of history. Along with their beauty, they have some unique characteristics. Mostly, an Emerald with strong saturation is more costly than a perfect emerald with weak saturation.

Famously known as the king of gemstones for its qualities, prestige, admiration, appealing features it holds a special position in the gemstone family for centuries. As a leading Wholesaler and Supplier of quality Natural Gemstone in India (Jaipur), it is endeavor to quench the quest of varying demand of buyer. A large variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones is always available, be it Cabochons or Drilled. 

Where are Emeralds Found?

The three major sources of Emerald are Colombia, Brazil and Zambia. The other countries where the emerald is mined are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Australia and The United States. There are several emerald deposits in Brazil and hence is one of the most prominent suppliers in the world.

Natural Emerald Gemstone Hues

The gems that are in the range of medium tone to dark green tone are considered emeralds. Lightly toned gems are known as green beryl. They are found in different hues which ranges from yellowish green to bluish green with vivid color saturation. The primary hue being green, the secondary hues are normally yellow and blue. A fine Loose Emerald Gemstone is saturated and has a bright hue. Gray is the normal saturation modifier found in emeralds.

Green Emerald Stone for All Purpose

Green Emeralds are loved by women the world over since times unknown. It has a wide variety of versatile choice from bold and dramatic to rendering a subtle and classic look. Emerald is also known as the choice of the elite, as a symbol of their status, anyone can pull off with the emerald look with ease. Add a dose of Emerald Jewellery to your collection for a trendy look drawing the attention of others. Style them in the following ways-

  • A stunning Emerald Solitaire Ring paired with tiny diamonds on both sides of the band is absolute for any party or cocktail event. It can be tried as the engagement ring too!
  • A dazzling green shade of emerald surrounded by a halo of diamonds in the Earrings can be chosen to compliment your face and add shine making you look gorgeous.
  • Emerald and Diamond Pendant layered with your favourite necklace gives a subtle and classic look.

Emerald (Panna) Stone Benefits

Loose Emeralds Stones are believed to have amazing health benefits and are considered powerful according to Vedic astrology. It is believed to Panna have a fascinating aura and amazing ornamental value giving the following benefits-

It provides good health.

  • It helps in financial growth
  • It adds wisdom and intellect
  • It gives success in creative ventures
  • It promises a blissful marital life

Emerald Gemstone Wholesale Suppliers India

There are so many websites that promise Genuine Emerald Green but choosing the right one is necessary. As it is a heavy investment of your hard-earned money, it is better to check for a certified gemstone that is genuine and has a certificate from prestigious laboratories. It should also be transparent with regards to the cost of the gemstone with the customers. That's why we are here which is Best Leading Company in Wholesale Gemstone Suppliers India