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Garnet Gemstone Jewellery

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January Birthstone – Garnet

With different varieties and a rainbow-like color palette, scintillating Garnet is the modern and traditional gemstone of January babies. A lot of us recognize Garnet as a deep royal red-colored gem, but these also occur in colors like green, purple, pink, yellow, and even black. Of all these, the Green Demantoid variety of Garnet Gemstone is alleged to be the rarest of all and the most valuable.

Garnet January Birthstone: Astrological Purpose

Since this January Birthstone (Garnet) is available in multiple colors, in Vedic astrology it is associated with different chakras of our body. It brings prosperity and good fortune to people who are in the film industry line, deal in the share market, run real estate businesses, import and export goods.  
Garnets are considered fearless gemstones because these are thought to protect the evil eye, spirits, or mental disbalance. In astrology, Garnets are used to ward off negative energies and bestow people with inner strength, wealth, and creativity.
For improved personal relationships, astrologers recommend wearing this beautiful Garnet gemstone, it evokes trustworthiness and warmth in your marital life.

Healing Properties of Garnet Gemstone

  • Popularly known as “raktamani”  - Blood red jewel, owing to the rich red color, Garnet has been known to be associated with the matters of the heart and the circulatory system of the body.
  • Garnets are worn to strengthen the bones, nervous system and also boosts the immune system of the body.
  • Garnets cleanses your Chakras and balances your aura, thus bringing in positivity and mental composure to the wearer of this exquisite gemstone.
  • Since Garnets are linked with love, passion, and desire, it is known to enhance the sexual potency of the wearer, which further reinforces the relationships.

January Birthstone Jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Pendant

Whether you are a January born or even not, including garnet in your jewelry wardrobe is a must, thanks to its versatility and earthy colors. This multi-faceted gemstone can be set in a Simple Garnet Ring of yellow or white gold or you can even go all bold with a Pendant made out of garnet and sparkling diamonds to set a trending statement. For a scene-stealer look, have the cabochons set in dazzling danglers that will leave all the on-lookers awe-struck.
This gender-neutral gemstone also sets well in cufflinks and brooches for the men to flaunt.