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October Birthstone- Opal and Tourmaline

October-born people celebrate their birthday with two beautiful gemstones - Tourmaline and Opal.

Opal Gemstone: One of its kind, opal gemstones are inherently very delicate and need special care at all times. This spectacular gemstone beautifully reflects light, giving out a rainbow look. This dramatic play of color makes it a very versatile gemstone that compliments any sort of ensemble. As you move an ideal opal it flashes out the calming blues and greens to even bright red, orange, and yellow.
Tourmaline Gemstone: Tourmaline often referred to as “ stone with multiple colors” is a much newer October birthstone. It has the innate ability to hold mixed colors in one gemstone and it is known to inspire a lot of artists. The color ranges from hues of pink (which is a common occurrence) to green, blue, purple, or even their combinations.

Opal and Tourmaline Birthstone: Astrological Purpose

Representing the planet Venus- Opal, this Semi Precious Gemstone is known to ignite love, enhance material bliss, and potentially luxurious life. Astrologers Suggest Opal to spread positivity in the life of the wearer in sector of Family, Wealth, Fame and Child. This Opal Gemstone symbolizes Beauty, Power and Prosperity.
Tourmaline Birthstone is associated with mystic power, since ancient times Tourmaline Gemstone is allied with driving away Fear, Negativity, and Sorrow. It's also believed by astrologers that tourmaline of any color is effective in warding off misfortune and any danger to the wearer. 

Healing Powers of Opal and Tourmaline Gemstones

  • Opal Birthstone has an astounding healing property. The stone turns gray or dull yellow if the wearer is suffering from some ailment or accident.
  • People suffering from problems related to their eyes, spleen, throat, pancreas, or bone marrow will find respite when they wear pink opal.
  • An individual wearing opal will attain a sense of peace and will become loving and devoted towards the family.
  • Like other gemstones, tourmalines of different colors have diverse healing properties.
  • Tourmalines have a big hand in balancing hormones and fight against certain genetic disorders.
  • Tourmalines also help in calming the nerves and are thought to elevate the creativity of the wearer.

Opal and Tourmaline Jewelry Collection

Though opal is a fragile stone that cant be worn daily, this doesn’t stop you from owning a unique piece of jewelry embedded with this incredibly beautiful and mystic stone. A lot of couples who like to celebrate their unique love story, turn towards opal for an Engagement Rings. Opals also make a dazzling addition to a pendant along with other gemstones. You can also style opals into a yellow or rose gold bracelet to make it charismatic.

Thought tourmalines are available in different vivid colors, of all the red, green and pink ones are more prevalent in jewelry. Tourmalines are often worn in the rings, and as these semi-precious stones are hard, these are ideal for daily use. The bright green and blue Tourmaline Dangler Earrings can be quite a head-tuner. This gemstone also finds its way in pretty and stylish brooches for women.