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5 Tips to Buy the Best Ruby Jewelry

5 Tips to Buy the Best Ruby Jewelry

As a jewelry lover, it can be difficult to say “No” to ruby pendants, ruby earrings, ruby bracelets, or any other jewelry piece made of this gorgeous gemstone. But do you ever access the ruby on different parameters before spending hundreds of dollars on it? This precious gemstone is a delight to own, but investing in jewelry made of an inferior quality jewel can become your worst nightmare ever. To help you invest in the perfect ruby jewelry, we’ve listed down the most practical tips you need to follow.

1.Check the Jewel’s Clarity

Ruby is a natural gemstone and is bound to have a certain degree of inclusions that ultimately impact its appearance. Your job as an informed buyer is to look for jewelry where the incorporated ruby has minimal inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. You can check the ruby by holding it against the light and see if any fine lines or spots are visible. The higher the inclusion in ruby, the more the chances of the gemstone getting chipped, so always avoid buying ruby jewelry with even slight inclusions that negatively impact its brilliance. 

Ruby jewelry

2.Ask about Enhancements

In a bid to camouflage slight surface fractures, some jewelers apply a coating on the gemstone’s surface that smoothly hides the cracks for a short time. As time passes, the coating starts fading, and the surface flaws become visible. If you want to avoid getting stranded with faulty ruby jewelry, ask the retailer about the enhancement. Usually, a jeweler will use heat treatment, glass filing, or flux healing to cover the chipped surface, so be sure you’re aware of the exact method used. 

3.Understand the Size, Quality, & Pricing Rationale

The ruby’s size and quality affect the gemstone’s price, so be sure to possess a basic understanding. When it comes to ruby, larger-sized gems are priced higher compared to their smaller counterparts. Also, the degree of inclusion impacts the price significantly. Higher the inclusion, less the cost, and vice-versa, so if you want ruby jewelry where the gemstone has zero to minimal visible lines or spots, be ready to spend a higher price.

4.Pay Attention to the Jewel’s Color

While ruby is famous for its blood-red color, you can also come across a ruby with different shades. If you like a ruby in its best form, avoid buying ruby that has hints of orange and purple. While pink ruby can still be considered close to the red beauty, other colors may make it look like a different gemstone. It is why the red rubies are the most expensive, compared to rubies available in non-red shades. You can also check the saturation of red color on a scale of 1 to 6, where six is considered the optimal saturation point.

best ruby jewelry

5.Know the Cut

Ruby jewelry is made using a variety of cuts, like- round, oval, square, pear, triangular, and marquise. Jewelers base the gemstone’s original shape to decwhat cut to go ahead with, as the wrong cut can visibly change the ruby’s color from red to orange or a different shade altogether. To ensure you’re buying the best ruby jewelry, ask the retailer to hold the same against different lights, like- daylight, incandescent light, and others. If the color of the ruby doesn’t change with changing lights, you can go ahead with the purchase.

Besides the points discussed above, you may also inquire about the place from where the ruby has been sourced or check the setting used in jewelry to gain additional information. 

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