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A Guide To Buying Ruby Jewelry

A Guide To Buying Ruby Jewelry

One of the most magnificent coloured stones is the ruby. Rubies are considered the most valuable of coloured stones. Ruby Jewelry has been depicted in drawings and mentioned in historic scripts. Ruby Jewels have always been a sign of abundance, wealth and luxury. When you are going to buy rubies, it is essential to know how to go about them to avoid any rude shocks later. Here is a comprehensive guide to buying the jewelry of your dreams.

  1. Make your purchase from a reputed jeweler – A good jeweler is a must when you are making a purchase as big as Ruby jewelry. Ensure that the jeweler has an authentic website, proper licenses, and is providing certificates with the jewelry. Compare the prices with the market prices and check the internet for any reviews left by past users. The reviews can be an indicator of customer service as well. It also adds to the authenticity of the jeweler.
  1. Check the colour – Ruby Jewels are natural and they are not perfect. Every ruby is not the same and the colours can vary from a deep red to a vibrant one. Any change in shade can mean that the stone is some other stone. The overall colour should be red. A single stone may not be obvious but a Ruby necklace is an arrangement where you can spot the colour difference easily.
  1. Stones can be imperfect – If you are looking to buy a Ruby Stone Ring, then you may notice some imperfections in the big rock. Proper translucent rocks are almost impossible to find and most rubies have natural lines or markings.
  1. Cut of the ruby – Most jewelers try to work around the natural flaws that come with the stone to fetch a better price. The better the cut, the more expensive the stone. The cut can make the stone look clearer and hide flaws successfully.
  1. Cost of buying rubies – Compare prices to ensure you are not overpaying or you are not getting ripped off. As the size of the rock increases, the price of the ruby jewelry increases exponentially. Bigger Ruby Jewels are found very rarely in nature.
  1. Set a budget – If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with rubies, then here are some things you can remember. A single rock on a Ruby Stone Ring is sure to cost you more than a ring with a cluster of smaller rocks. Another good way to ensure you don’t end up overspending is to set a budget before you start looking for jewelry. Ruby on rails is a great choice of ring for those who are looking to give it as a gift as well.
  1. Narrow down on the kind of jewelry – When you are out to buy jewelry it can be difficult to start. A good point to begin is when you decide what you are looking for. For example, if you are interested in buying a Ruby Necklace, then think of whether you want a chain and a pendant or if you are looking for a simple yet elegant string of rubies.
  1. Research rubies online – Before buying rubies, it can help you to get familiar with the terms related to rubies. It also helps to research pricing, size, maintenance, and other things related to Ruby Jewelry. You can watch videos and read articles online to understand what you should expect when you go to buy rubies. It is essential to educate yourself and be aware of what is available in the market.
  1. Check the colour of the rock – The colour of rubies may vary but it is advisable to check the colour under all kinds of lighting. The lighting conditions can bring out the colour of the rock. Some bulbs can make the rubies appear redder than their colour while others can make them look more like sapphire (purple). The best way to truly bring out the colour of the ruby is to check it under natural light. If you have opted for Ruby on Rails, then compare the colour of the rocks in natural light to check how they all look together.
  1. Check for the mark on the jewelry – Every piece of jewelry by a major jeweler is marked somewhere. Look for the mark on the jewelry and you can confirm the logo of that particular jeweler. This is a mark of authenticity and it also is a mark that the jewelry received by you is made and sold to you by that particular jeweler. In the case of resale, most jewelers offer a higher price for the ones that have been sold by them. The mark comes in handy at that time.
  1. Check for personalization options – Whether you are gifting the jewelry or you are looking for some personal for yourself, a little personalization can go a long way. Ruby rings can be engraved and the designs can be modified whenever possible (lent hog chain, ring size, etc).
  1. Check the terms and conditions of the jeweler – The policies of the jeweler that are essential to be checked are – the return policy, the process to order and book, the lead time, the delivery system and pick up, and even the size chart. Look for the smaller details and read the fine print to ensure you are getting a good deal and you don’t end up losing money. A lot of jewelers offer maintenance offers and extended warranties as well. Check if you can get add-ons and make the deal sweeter.

When you are buying rubies, the whole process should be seamless and the occasion should be joyous. Do the backend work before you go to the shop or website to buy ruby jewelry. Remember this guide to help you make the best of your shopping experience. This guide to buying ruby jewelry is perfect for newcomers and experienced people alike. Enjoy the beauty of a dazzling red ruby and feel royal when you buy one!

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