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What are the Gorgeous Ruby Earrings Designs – Chordia Jewels

What are the Gorgeous Ruby Earrings Designs – Chordia Jewels

The one piece of jewellery that you will see most women across the globe wear is earrings. Earrings are minimalistic, and fun, and can change your face into looking naturally elegant. This is one of the most worn and regularly updated categories of jewellery. We often see a woman decide to plan and change her earrings to match her outfits too – this action speaks to the importance and charm of a matching earring design for different occasions and attires. Even contrasting earrings that are quirky in their design have a way of looking amazing when worn as they bring about a unique sense of style.

Gemstone jewellery -

These days, gemstones are becoming a sought-after category in jewellery designs. The myriad of precious and semi-precious jewels that are embedded into sets or categories of jewellery not only looks attractive but also catches the eye from afar. Imagine a set of brilliantly striking ruby jewellery in the form of a necklace or drop earrings that you wear when you go to a party! The sheer allure will make it difficult for people to keep their eyes off you. Emeralds, rubies, tanzanite, aquamarine, and many more gemstones can be carved and cut to make the most striking ornaments that a woman would feel proud to own.


Ornaments with rubies –

A ruby is one of the most expensive gemstones with multiple properties and a graceful look that draws people towards it. The natural look of ruby makes it the perfect gemstone to be embedded into any kind of ornament – earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, etc. Against the backdrop of yellow or white gold, you will notice your rubies pop with elegance and turn all heads towards it. Choosing to equip yourselves with ruby ornaments can be a great idea as they are multi-faceted and can be used everywhere if you choose a design that is popular and subtle.


Ruby earrings –

One of the most popular searches in today’s times would be ruby earrings online shopping. The grandeur associated with these earrings is famous worldwide. When purchasing ruby earrings, you can keep a few points in mind:


  • The color is an important factor that helps determine the quality of the gemstone. Ensure that the primary shade of the gem is red. Some stones may also exhibit a purple hue, which can be normal if you prefer.
  • Consider the saturation of the gemstone. This is the property of the gemstone that is used to figure out the intensity of the hue of the stone. The higher the intensity, the redder the stone will be and the greater its value.
  • Rubies may also have some inclusions as no stone can be flawless. However, select stones that do not have too many inclusions and are mainly eye-clean (the inclusions should not be visible to the naked human eye)

Select your ruby jewellery in the form of earrings or any other category keeping in mind these points.

If you are exclusively looking for the best ruby earring design for yourself, you do not have to go any further. Here are some of the uniquely curated earrings made with this gemstone that you can choose from. Select the ones that you think will match your style and preference.

14k solid gold round-cut ruby earrings –

You should have at least one halo design earring in your jewellery boxes. This particular piece can be what you are looking for as it is a combination of the precious ruby gemstone with diamonds making a halo around it.

Oval-shaped ruby stud earrings –

If you are exploring ruby earrings online shopping and want to opt for a royal look, this pair will be the one you want. With a fantastic regal charm, this captivating ruby and diamond halo stud accentuates the face to enhance your grace.

Natural Burma ruby halo stud earrings –

Two earrings for the price of one! What better offer can there be? These halo earrings can be worn with or without the halo. You can bask in the glory of a diamond-studded halo around your ruby or don the plain red gemstone by itself.

Red ruby July mickey mouse stud earrings –

Ruby earrings for a younger girl? Choose this pair as it brings out the classic femininity and childish look that you do not want to let go of. Made in 14k gold, the quality and design are unmatched.

High-class ruby stud earrings –

This earring design is often most chosen for cocktail parties or other elegant bashes that you may have to attend. It can capture the attention with all the sparkle and bling it brings.

July birthstone ruby criss-cross earrings –

Another one of the most graceful designs would be the criss-cross pattern with a tiny ruby to complete the look. This can also be worn every day as it is minimalistic and regal.

July birthstone ruby and diamond in 14k gold –

Looking for a yellow gold and ruby combination? This pair of ruby jewellery can be your ally. The universally loved creation can also be a great gift.

Natural ruby diamond accented studs –

If you are a woman of simple needs and desires but are craving something classy, this is the perfect choice for you. A tiny diamond to accentuate the earring with an oval ruby to top it off – you have found what you wished for.

Natural red ruby lever-back hoop earrings –

A different and subtle version of a drop earring would be this lever-back ruby earring. Pair it with any outfit for any occasion and steal the limelight without even knowing it.

Natural red ruby stud earrings –

Less is more is the motto of this design as this ruby earring is a 6x4mm ruby stud made in 14k white gold. With a small ruby pendant, you can look your fashionable best.

These gorgeous ruby earrings are sure to make an impact in your world as you don them with style!

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