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A Guide to Emerald Engagement Ring Settings

A Guide to Emerald Engagement Ring Settings

The desire to wear a beautiful emerald ring is increasing amongst the new bride-to-be. The depth and attractiveness of an emerald engagement ring are something no bride can resist. You can customize your emerald engagement ring in a plethora of ways by altering its settings, cuts, style, etc. Symbolic of love and commitment, this ring is meaningful and alluring as well. If you are looking for something that has a purpose then getting an emerald engagement ring for your partner will be an ideal decision. This ring has a rich history and significance which makes it timeless. However, buying an emerald engagement ring can be a daunting job if you do not have enough knowledge about it. To make your task easier, here’s a guide to emerald engagement ring settings. 

What is an Emerald Engagement Ring

One of the fanciest gemstones, natural emerald engagement rings are usually rectangular and come with a lot of elegance and class. The emerald-cut engagement ring has parallel rectangular facets that make the ring quite intricate. The subtle cuts reflect lights and give the ring a shimmering look. Having clean lines and crisp edges, emerald rings are preferred by a lot of people.

Different types of Emerald Engagement Ring settings 

Emerald engagement rings can be altered as per various settings. There exists an emerald diamond setting for each personality. Here are a few fascinating emerald ring settings which you shall consider to find a perfect engagement ring. 

Solitaire setting -

If you are investing in a valuable gemstone such as an emerald, a solitaire setting is best to make the stone shine perfectly. Having the main focus on the central gemstone and minimal solid band around, the solitaire setting is perfect for those who want to have a simple yet fancy ring. This setting ideally suits natural emerald engagement rings. 


Pave setting - 

Having a touch of sparkle, pave setting is a bit more than a stone on a solid band. This setting complements the emerald gemstone and creates a collectively refined look. Buy an emerald eternity band along with the engagement ring to enhance the look of your ring. The center stone appears larger in this setting due to the paving effect created using small diamonds on the surface of the ring. 


Three-stone setting -

In this type of emerald engagement ring the emerald gemstone is placed between diamonds on both sides. This placement helps the main diamond that is emerald to stand out uniquely. Although the budget can increase due to multiple diamonds, if you smartly place small diamonds on either side instead of placing the bigger ones, you can create a setting that fits into your budget. 


East-west setting -

 One of the modern settings, to create an east-west setting the diamond is turned to its side to make an elongated effect from east to west. This adds a unique touch to the gemstone rather than the ordinary north-south placed gemstone. As you are only altering the placement style of the stone, the cost of this setting is mostly the same as a solitaire setting. 


Halo Setting -

If you are looking for something luxurious then the halo setting should be your choice. Having round edges, the halo setting reflects lights immensely to create a shimmering look. An emerald cut surrounded by perfectly shaped tiny diamonds makes this setting a refined and glamorous one. Added to that, buy an emerald eternity band to complement the ring.


Bezel Setting -

To create this setting the diamond is surrounded by a mental frame throughout its border. In addition to the beauty of this frame, it acts as a protection for the diamond. It helps your emerald engagement ring to be free from scratches and any other damage. Bezel settings make the stone the center of attention by surrounding it with a frame that emphasizes the classic shape of an emerald. 


Prong setting -

Adding durability to the gemstone, the prong setting has metal prongs on the corner of the stone to protect the delicate corners from damage. Make sure the metal used for making the prongs complement your skin tone. Opting for this setting makes adds personality to the ring and provides a statement look. 


Split Shank setting -

This setting features a band that splits as it reaches the central diamond. This setting helps to establish space between the stone and the band which makes a visual impact. You can consider adding diamonds on the split band to add to the beauty of this setting. This setting helps to embrace the rectangular shape of the emerald. 


Emerald side stones -

This is a high-end and luxurious setting. Two smaller emeralds are placed on both sides of the main emerald in between. This setting looks extremely refined and fancy. However, emerald-cut diamonds are high in value, and adding three of them to your engagement ring can make the ring immensely valuable. 

In addition to the setting, make sure to consider the metal used to set the stone and the profile, which is the level at which the stone is placed. The color of the metal impacts the look of the ring. Usually, people prefer white gold for their emerald-cut engagement ring, as it complements the stone. The type of metal you choose affects how brightly the diamond will shine and stand out to create a statement look. You can also consider platinum for your emerald engagement ring. Depending on factors like your skin tone and budget, you can decide on the ideal metal for your emerald engagement ring.

The appearance of the ring to some extent depends on how high or low the stone is placed on the band. A good setting has the stone placed high above the band which sets it apart from the finger. This also adds durability. On the other hand. If you go for a low setting, the stone will be placed low near the finger. Ideally, you should opt for high settings for bigger stones and low settings for smaller stones. However, depending on your preferences, you can decide what setting is the most comfortable and alluring for you. 

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