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Aquamarine Earrings and Pendants: How to Care for Them

Aquamarine Earrings and Pendants: How to Care for Them

Valued for their transparency, clarity, and stellar blue-green color, aquamarine jewellery has always been viewed as precious jewellery by many. While this stunning gemstone is used to create numerous precious accessories, like premium bracelets, high-end necklaces, etc., the earrings and pendants made using aquamarine are more popular. It is one of those rare jewellery pieces that both minimalists and maximalists love. Since its delicate color complements a wide range of skin tones, its popularity and demand have significantly increased.

If you already own a pair of the latest aquamarine earring or aquamarine pendants, you must know some easy ways to clean these precious jewellery pieces to retain their original sheen and aesthetics. To help you keep the jewellery look as good as new, we have shared below the top aquamarine pendants and earring cleaning tips that won’t disappoint you. So let’s quickly explore the cleaning tips shared below.

Use a Soft, Lint-Free Cloth

    Using a soft, lint-free cloth is a gentle way to clean away any accumulated dust or grime on the jewellery. For the uninitiated, it refers to a special cleaning cloth that doesn’t give any fluff when used. A microfiber cloth is an excellent example of a lint-free cloth. If you are planning to buy aquamarine earrings, you should buy a lint-free cloth for cleaning purposes.

    This cloth won’t scratch the stone’s surface, helping you keep it looking as good as new. You should always avoid using abrasive materials to clean aquamarine jewellery because it can disrupt its natural look.

    Use a Mixture of Lukewarm Water & Mild Soap

      If your aquamarine earring or pendant has started appearing dull, cleaning it with just a lint-free cloth won’t be sufficient. For a better clean, prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and gentle soap solution. Use a big bowl to store this solution and place your aquamarine pendants or earrings into it. Let the jewellery soak into the solution for a few minutes before gently scrubbing it with a soft-bristled cleaning brush.

      Once done, rinse the jewellery with clean water and pat it dry. A soft cotton cloth can be used to pat dry the jewellery. If you don’t have any mild soap solution, we recommend getting one instead of using any chemical soap solution. An abrasive chemical soap solution can damage the aquamarine gemstone, affecting its original shine.  

      Steam Cleaner

        Jewellery enthusiasts who want to buy aquamarine pendants online or buy aquamarine earrings online should also start looking for powerful steam cleaners. As the name suggests, a steam cleaner is a high-pressure steam tool that helps clean your aquamarine jewellery with ease. You only have to put water in the steamer with clean water and turn it on. Once steam starts generating, gently place your jewellery in the steam for ten to fifteen seconds, and then slowly wipe it with a clean cloth.

        Since a steam cleaner can sometimes emit really hot steam, it is advised to be cautious while holding your jewellery in the steam for long. If the steam becomes too hot, there remains a risk of burning your hand. You can also ensure you don’t keep the jewellery in the steam for more than ten seconds in a stretch. All steam cleaners come with an instruction manual, so be sure to read them before using the cleaner.  

        Professional Cleaning

          If you browse the best aquamarine pendants online or check the trending designs before you buy aquamarine earrings online, you will know these jewellery pieces are expensive. Since aquamarine jewellery is considered high-end, not many want to take the risk of cleaning it at home. It is where professional cleaning comes into the picture. Whether your aquamarine jewellery has accumulated dust/dirt or multiple scratches are visible on the gemstone surface, getting it professionally cleaned can make it as good as new.

          Most jewellery brands have a highly knowledgeable and resourceful team that can efficiently provide professional cleaning services for precious gemstone jewellery. A professional cleaner has sophisticated cleaning tools that are generally not available to the public, so you can expect a better finish and repair work. If you aren’t aware of any specialized jewellery cleaners, take them to a reliable jewellery retailer, and they’ll do the work for you.

          Ammonia Solution

            Although getting precious jewellery cleaned by a professional is the best option, you can proceed with other options too. If you feel your aquamarine jewellery requires deep cleaning and you want to do it at home, using an ammonia solution can be useful. Start with mixing one part of ammonia with approximately six parts of water, creating a bubbly solution.

            Now place the jewellery in this solution and let it soak for at least 30 seconds. Since the solution is strong, it will start pulling dirt, grime, and other accumulated particles from the gemstone’s surface, helping it regain its look. If you’ve decided to use this cleaning method, we recommend handling it carefully because of ammonia.

            Ultrasonic Cleaner

              People with too many precious jewellery pieces should invest in a premium ultrasonic cleaner. It is a high-end tool used to clean jewellery with sound waves. All you have to do is fill the cleaner with lukewarm water and add a few drops of mild soap solution. Now place your aquamarine jewellery in it, and turn it on.

              The generated ultrasonic waves will deeply clean the jewellery, removing any dust, dirt, or grime accumulated on the gemstone’s surface without causing any damage to the gemstone. But if you only have a pair of aquamarine earrings or pendants, we recommend following the previously shared tips, with professional cleaning being the most reliable and cost-effective option.

              Renew Your Aquamarine Jewellery with Minimum Efforts

              Cleaning jewellery pieces made from precious and semi-precious gemstones is challenging. But you can achieve the desired result when following the right cleaning guidelines. If you have purchased aquamarine pendants online or earrings, you can follow any of the cleaning methods shared in this article. All the methods are highly effective and can give you excellent results.

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